Noriko Fukuda Anna also participates as a caster! Broadcast with Jim Rogers, one of the world’s three largest investors, “Nikkei News Plus 9”

BS Tv Tokyo will change the broadcast time of “Nikkei Plus 10” from Monday, March 29, and broadcast it as “Nikkei News Plus 9” (every Monday to Thursday 20: 54-, Friday 21: 54-). To start.

With the full cooperation of Nihon Keizai Shimbun and the Group’s Financial Times (FT), the program will focus on economic and market information, as well as business people, as well as finance, companies, management, business trends, new products, and trends. Deliver high-quality information to viewers who are highly interested in such things.

The main casters are Tatsuo Yamakawa (Monday / Tuesday / Wednesday), Noriko Enokido (Wednesday / Thursday / Friday), and Eiji Sakamoto (Thursday / Friday). As casters, TV TOKYO announcer Mari Kurano (Tuesday) and Noriko Fukuda (Monday) participated. Yoshimasa Kishimoto will appear as a market caster.

The guest on the first day and 29th is Jim Rogers, one of the world’s three largest investors. Live broadcast with Singapore, where Rogers is based, who proposes that “the bubble burst will occur by the end of this year,” asks the basis of the proposal whether the bubble burst is true.

The highlights of “Nikkei News Plus 9” are introduced below.

● A number of “fake-free” and reliable news with the cooperation of the Nihon Keizai Shimbun interviewers. Global coverage by Nikkei’s 36 overseas bases and high-quality Financial Times (FT) coverage is further enhanced.

● Live commentary by reporters and parties who interviewed the Nikkei electronic version of the evening scoop. Cut into the news of the day from the perspective of the scene.

● Market information useful for investment. We will explain how to view stock prices and asset management in an easy-to-understand manner from the perspective of investment beginners. To help cultivate the market knowledge necessary for the age of 100 years of life.

● “Team Ikegami goes!” A project linked to the Nihon Keizai Shimbun. Akira Ikegami, Yuriya Masuda and Patrick Harlan go to college. Students, how do you learn?

● “The Road to SDGs” cast by Trauden Naomi, who has an outstanding sense of comment in numerous information programs. Communicating the current state of the economy to a carbon-free society from the perspective of the SDGs.

● “Takeshi Okada’s Japan Revitalization Strategy”. Former Japan national football team coach Takeshi Okada, chairman of FC Imabari, enthusiastically discusses with leading managers nationwide, and the path to reform Japan through regional revitalization.

● “Direct hit by Koji Uehara! Manager”. Koji Uehara, who became the winning pitcher in the highest major baseball league, cuts into the management.

● We will continue to develop projects in collaboration with the Nikkei Group, such as “Hit Product Tracking” that introduces the latest consumption and sales information from “Nikkei POS” data that allows you to see retail sites.