See the microcomputer board “Raspberry Pi Pico” with its own chip

The Raspberry Pi Foundation has entered the microcontroller market with the announcement of the $ 4 “Raspberry Pi Pico”. The Raspberry Pi Pico is a whole new piece of hardware based on the group’s own custom chips. The Raspberry Pi Pico is the UK-based Raspberry Pi Foundation’s first microcontroller board, built around the new “RP2040” chip. With a traditional Pi board, if you want to control a physical device (such as a robot or balloon), you need to combine it with a microcontroller, but Pico provides hardware and hardware by providing a direct analog connection to the end device. It fills those gaps that separate software. James Adams, Chief Operating Officer and Lead of Hardware at the Raspberry Pi Foundation, gives a more technically compelling explanation of how the technology works. “The Raspberry Pi doesn’t support analog input on its own. It’s possible to run” bare metal “software on the Raspberry Pi, but software that runs on general-purpose operating systems such as Linux has individual I / O pins. Not very suitable for low latency control “(Adams) (Read more at Tech Republic Japan)