The number of debt consolidation counselors has more than tripled in five years-what is the most common cause of debt?

On March 26, the lawyer consultation portal site “Debt Consolidation Lawyer Counseling Square” (operated by agora) announced the results of a questionnaire survey targeting debt consolidation business negotiations. The survey period is March 10 to 15, 2021, and the subjects of the survey are individuals aged 20 to 74 or younger who have consulted with a lawyer about debt problems and debt consolidation and have actually requested them, and 177 valid responses. Forty-five percent of the consultants in the last two years are affected by the Corona Virus. Is the new coronavirus related to your own debt problems and debt consolidation? “Plaza” Looking at the changes in the number of people who consulted with a lawyer about debt consolidation within the past five years by year, there were 5 in 2016, 13 in 2017, 14 in 2018, 15 in 2019, and 16 in 2020. It increased 3.2 times in the five years from 2016 to 2020. In particular, the rate of increase was the highest from 2016 to 2017, with a rapid increase of just over 2.6 times. When asked if the new coronavirus was related to the cause of the debt, 14 people (45.16%) answered “yes” to 31 people who consulted with a lawyer for debt consolidation within the last two years. Comparing the specific causes of debt between all respondents and debt collectors due to corona-related causes, among all respondents, 1st place was “living difficulties / low income”, 2nd place was “decrease in salary”, and 3rd place was “gambling”. , 4th place “Purchase of goods / services”, 5th place “Unemployment / change of job”. On the other hand, among debt collectors due to corona-related causes, 1st place is “living difficulties / low income”, 2nd place is “illness, medical expenses”, 3rd place is “unemployment / change of job”, 4th place is “decrease in salary”, and 5th place is “business”. “Supplementing funds”, it became clear that the corona recession and health problems have led to unexpected increases in income sources and expenses, and the current situation is that people are unable to live. When asked if the debt problem was solved by consulting / requesting a lawyer, 64.97% answered “solved” and 25.42% answered “improved”, for a total of 90.39% by consulting / requesting a lawyer. He answered that it had a positive effect on solving and improving the debt problem.