Free deployment of data infrastructure services for local governments–Collaboration with Expolis and IBM Japan

Expolis, Tokyo Denki University, Macnica, and IBM Japan announced on March 29 that Expolis will develop a marketplace “Anastasia” that provides data and data-related services to local governments through collaboration between organizations. We will recruit local governments to use the service from April, and will provide a free beta service from August. Anastasia will post solutions related to agriculture, forestry and fisheries, transportation, environment / energy, disaster prevention, town development, etc., for which measures are being considered by local governments. It will be possible to match local governments and private companies that provide solutions for local governments with local governments, buy and sell solutions, and provide regional data, and local governments can also share policy know-how with local governments suffering from similar issues. .. Expolis is said to have conducted a demonstration experiment in Otari Village, Nagano Prefecture from April to September 2020, such as linking data such as the water level of paddy fields and sensors installed in birds and beast damage traps to a distribution platform. Here, it is said that it has developed a solution for predicting rice fever by combining data visualization and weather data of IBM group company The Weather Company, and has made efforts to post it on the regional issue distribution marketplace. Anastasia reflects these achievements. In addition, from April, we will proceed with data linkage and consideration of providing solutions with Macnica’s autonomous driving solution “Macnica Mobility Data Platform” and Anastasia. We aim to utilize Anastasia as a solution for local governments that has regional issues regarding carbon dioxide emissions and complements the public transportation network that serves as a means of transportation for local residents.

Collaboration image Expolis and Tokyo Denki University have been conducting demonstration experiments of regional analysis function, solution feedback function, and user interface using RESAS data of Anastasia and the government in Yokoze Town, Saitama Prefecture since January 2021. It will verify the sharing of solutions and problem-solving know-how in Anastasia with the town and other local governments.