“No injuries! No illness!” The experiential reason why stretching is the best training.

I want to stay healthy forever! I want to live a meaningful life!
“If you wish so, stretching is essential every day. By giving your body flexibility and keeping it, your life will change better,” said Takeshi Aoyama, a smart macho training coach. Talking about the unknown effect of ─. Why does stretching change your life? Takeshi Aoyama talks about the reason based on his actual experience. (Photo: Takao Masaki) ■ Suddenly my whole body hurts ──Mr. Aoyama seems to continue doing more than 80 types of stretching every day. When did you start? Why did you start? When I was in the second year of Aoyama Junior High School, to be exact, it was in September 1988. At that time, I belonged to the track and field club, but one day suddenly my whole body hurt and I couldn’t move. I had to go to school with my crutches. I don’t know why this happened. At that time, I suddenly thought that I had stopped stretching. From the time I was in elementary school when I was in swimming school to the first year of junior high school, I used to stretch every day, but after joining the track and field club in the second year of junior high school, I just did a little exercise before running. I didn’t stretch much. I think that may be the cause of general pain, and I have been doing it every day since then. ── Did that alleviate the pain in your whole body? Aoyama The pain disappeared and I was soon able to practice.
If you think about it now, I think you were doing something unreasonable. Because I was swimming in the preparatory exercise, I left it to the strength of my cardiopulmonary function and ran hard. Besides, the growth pain may have overlapped.
But starting stretching from that time made my life meaningful. ■ It’s important because it’s sober. Aoyama: I’ve been stretching for about 45 minutes a day, so I’ve never been injured. It was okay to keep running or swimming.
I’ve had many trips on my triathlon bike. The bicycle is broken and the bike jersey is torn and messed up, but the body is fine with only scratches. I was always okay if the people around me had a broken bone due to a fall. I may have been lucky, but I don’t think it’s irrelevant that I’ve always made my body flexible by stretching. Keeping your body flexible will increase your mental flexibility and allow you to make calm decisions and actions. Besides, I had only one appendicitis 5 years ago, and I hardly catch a cold. Even if you have a slight illness, recovery speed is several times faster than other people, and you will not be dragged for days. Moreover, I have never suffered from back pain or stiff shoulders, and I have never gained weight.
I’ve been stretching every day for 33 years, “No injuries! No illness! No obesity!” (Laughs) ──So many people are encouraged to stretch and are also instructed. Aoyama Stretch is hard to feel the response.
There is no “seesee, huh” after running through with full power, and muscle fibers do not become thick. Nothing changes visibly as soon as you start. Therefore, it is easy to be neglected. But it’s different. It is very important to keep your body in good condition by stretching.
I think so. If you want to spend a long life healthy and prosperous, you shouldn’t chase only those that have immediate effects. The effects that are easily obtained will easily disappear. Stretching is not that kind of thing. It’s meant to stay healthy in five, ten, and even more years. As you get older, your body suddenly attacks. Let’s prevent it before it happens. It will make your life more meaningful. Please start today. First, let’s check the flexibility of your body. Finally, I will show you how to do it.

Flexible barometer

* Stretch that allows you to check the flexibility around the shoulder blades and the back of the body 1 Stand straight and fold your hands behind you. The elbow is stretched and the shoulder blades are brought closer. 2 Tilt your upper body forward so as not to bend your knees. Standard if the angle between the arm and the floor is 90 degrees. 3 If the body is stiff, the angle between the arm and the floor will not widen. 4 If you can tilt your upper body forward so far, it will be quite flexible. 5 The angle becomes 180 degrees, and if your nose touches your knees, you will be an athlete! As you continue streting every day, your body will gradually become supple. Try the “Flexibility Barometer” on a regular basis to check your flexibility.Written by Takao Kondo, supervised by Takeshi Aoyama

Aoya Matakeshi Born in 1974, from Tokyo. Personal coaching system “Team AOYAMA representative, Japan Triathlon Union strengthening team, leader training committee. After entering Japan Physical Education University, start triathlon competition. Japan student championship 3rd place, Japan championship 9th place, etc. He has achieved good results and has been selected as the representative of Japan in the World Championship. He has been a coach of triathlon Machiko Nakanishi since 1999 and led him to participate in the 2004 Athens Olympics. Currently, as a professional training coach, a wide range of professionals and amateurs alike. He teaches to the team. His books include “Running Training New Edition without Running” (My Navi Publishing), “How to Run” for People Who Can Work (Nippon Kogyo Publishing Co., Ltd.) and many others. In his latest co-author, “Making the best body! Ultimate Stretch 125 ”(Takarajimasha).

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