Rintaro. , The exchange of contacts with Takuya Kimura was “cool” and I was deeply moved by the concern

Rintaro of comedy combination EXIT. Daiki Kanechika will appear on the official YouTube channel “EXIT Charannel” on the 23rd. In the video titled “[Excitement]EXIT talks about Takuya Kimura enthusiastically! The present I got on my birthday is released!”, He told the secret story of the exchange with Kimura. Rintaro of EXIT. EXIT appeared as a monthly guest in March on the radio program “Takuya Kimura Flow supported by GYAO!” (TOKYO FM and others) where Kimura serves as a personality. Rintaro looks excited and uncool, saying, “It was amazing!” Shows off Ray-Ban sunglasses given by Kimura as a birthday present. Kanechika also revealed that he was “matched (with Kimura)! You’re swanky!” And seemed to be impressed by the stylish present. Also, when the two told them that they wanted to exchange contact information, Kimura said, “Oh, register,” and said that he offered his smartphone to the desk, Rintaro. “The way of exchanging contacts was also cool!” On the other hand, in my heart, he said, “I thought he exchanged it as a social decree.” “Please contact me properly after that. Kanechika on the radio wants to go to the world, and now it’s an extension period. That’s why I talked a little funny. So please take care of me if the relationship is broken or changed on that radio. “Thanks to Kimura’s concern. Was there. Rintaro said that he was seriously worried about the relationship with the duo and told Kimura who bothered to contact him about his thoughts and his feelings. .. When he said, “It’s really like the best adviser …”, Kanechika also said, “Because when I asked him if he would be the best adviser on the radio, oh, should I do it?” Now, EXIT’s chief adviser is Kim Taku. That person is our adviser. I’ll be indebted to you, so I’m going to take care of you. ”