Tomokazu Seki “Sakura no Tou” as the first investigative section manager “Don’t let your voice become Suneo (laughs)”

It turns out that voice actor Tomokazu Seki will appear in the TV Asahi drama “Sakura no Tou” (starting April 15th, every Thursday from 21:00) starring Hiroshi Tamaki as the first investigative section manager, Takafumi Makizono. It was. Tomoichi Seki = Original script by Shogo Muto, a scriptwriter who swept a number of awards such as the Tokyo Drama Award Grand Prix in “3rd Year Group A -From now on, everyone is a hostage-” (19, Nippon TV) provided by TV Asahi. Written. Although it is a detective drama, it depicts a human drama focusing on the power game in the organization that occurs aiming at the police chief, not the criminal VS police of the royal road. Popular voice actor Seki who is in charge of voices such as Suneo of “Doraemon”, Mitsuya Immortal of “Kimetsu no Yaiba”, and Panda of “Jujutsu Kaisen”. This time, Takafumi Makizono, the head of the Investigation Division 1 of the Criminal Department of the Metropolitan Police Department, to which Sou Mizuki (Ryoko Hirosue) and Yuma Togashi (Kenshi Okada) belong, will play. Seki confessed his surprise about the appearance, “I thought it was a surprise (laughs)”, but expressed his joy, “I couldn’t believe it, but I was very happy.” In the script, he revealed that he was absorbed in reading “I’m worried about the future … (laughs)”. Seki’s comments are as follows. ■ ――What is your impression of the drama scene?

To be honest, I was very nervous and had the first day, but I am grateful to all the staff and the actors who co-starred with me for being very kind to me. The only problem is that I keep getting excited every day and can’t sleep at night. Meanwhile, there are differences in the required expressions such as voice actors, theatrical performances, and dramas, but if you care too much, you will not be able to concentrate on the play, so I decided to enjoy it while feeling the atmosphere of everyone. We have you switch on the elaborate set, costumes, and the world view created by various staff. ■ ――What do you keep in mind when creating roles and what you are particular about in expressing your voice?

Of course I knew it because it is a position that appears in various dramas, but I also saw a lot of actual inauguration interviews of the first investigative section manager (laugh) and investigated various things. Basically, it is said that an excellent person who can hit the scene will be appointed, so I was worried whether I would be responsible for the role, but I try to act with tenacity and responsibility for arresting the criminal. Regarding voice, I am careful not to become Suneo even if I make a mistake (laughs). ■ ――What do you want the viewers to pay attention to?

Is it a dialogue between Mr. Tamaki (Hiroshi) and Mr. Hirosue (Ryoko) and Mr. Shiina (Kippei), Mr. Yoshida (Kotaro), and Mr. Mitsuishi (Ken)? I am drawn to see it. ■ ――This is a work drawn by a career battle, but do you have any “ambition”?

It’s not so ambitious, but I’d be happy if I could be myself, who has long been needed as a voice actor and an actor. I would like to cherish the opportunity I received this time and take on the challenge of dramas and movies. I also love historical drama, so it would be great if I could perform. ■ ――Finally, a message to the viewers.

“Sakura no Tou” is a series of amazing developments. Every time I feel nervous and throbbing. I think it’s the most exciting drama. I’m thrilled with the drama that I’m not used to. Please enjoy both together!