Facebook plans to build a submarine cable connecting Southeast Asia and North America

Facebook has revealed plans to lay two submarine cables. It will improve the quality and capacity of the Internet connection between Southeast Asia and North America. Facebook explains that these new cables, the Echo and Bifrost, are cables that connect Singapore, Indonesia and the United States directly, increasing communication capacity across the Pacific Ocean by 70%. The two submarine cables will also be the first trans-Pacific cables to take a new route across the Java Sea, according to an article posted by Facebook’s director of network investment, Kevin Salvadori and manager Nico Roehrich. These cables will connect Singapore, Indonesia and North America. In addition to working with Google, Facebook will partner with local companies such as Keppel in Singapore, Telin in Indonesia and XL Axiata. Telin is a subsidiary of the Indonesian telecommunications company group Telkom Indonesia. Southeast Asia has an online population of 400 million, with 40 million new Internet users in 2020 due to the Corona disaster, the e-Conomy SEA 2020 report reports. Many of the new online users are from non-metropolitan areas of Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines. The report was released in November 2020 by Google, Temasek Holdings, and Bain & Company. According to the report, the e-commerce market in Southeast Asia reached $ 62 billion in 2020 following the outbreak of the pandemic, reaching $ 38 billion in the previous year (about ¥ 4.17 trillion). It is said that it increased by 63% from. The report also predicts that growth momentum will continue, with 94% of new Internet users in Southeast Asia indicating their intention to use at least one digital service after the pandemic is over.