Fresh and refreshing citrus scent ♡ Introducing “Kiss Me Makeup Mist” that prevents makeup from collapsing due to sweat, water, and dryness

Indispensable for the coming season!A beauty essence in mist that prevents makeup from collapsing and drying due to sweat, water, and masks with a single blow to finish the makeup.“Kiss Me Makeup Mist”Is now available! Immediately try out the usability and make-up holding!

“Makeup holding mist” to prevent makeup from collapsing and drying due to sweat, water, and mask

Isehan Co., Ltd.(Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) is a company that manufactures and sells general cosmetics such as make-up cosmetics and quasi-drugs. From “KISSME”, prevent makeup from collapsing and drying due to sweat, water, masks, etc. that are worrisome in the coming season, and keep the finish of makeup“Kiss Me Makeup Mist” (45ml, suggested retail price 1,100 yen including tax, pre-sale on April 5, 2021 (Monday) / nationwide release on April 28, 2021 (Wednesday))Appeared. Since it is a spray type, when you spray it to finish the makeup, the mist liquid becomes a film, which protects it from rubbing against sweat, water, masks, etc., and prevents the makeup from collapsing. A make-up fix ingredient that enhances the adhesion between makeup and skin and four types of beauty essence ingredients (hyaluronic acid, collagen, royal jelly extract, chamomile extract) are luxuriously blended to prevent makeup from collapsing due to air or air conditioning drying. ..

How do you feel and feel about “Kiss Me Makeup Mist”?

Let’s try it now. “Kiss Me Makeup Mist” is a two-layer type, so shake it before using. As a guide, shake it about 10 times with the cap closed. The mist particles are also fine and have a smooth texture. After make-up, keep at least 15 cm away from the face, close eyes and mouth, and spray an appropriate amount (4-5 pushes) on the entire face. After use, it is recommended to dry it as it is without touching the skin. Five kinds of citrus essential oils (orange oil, lime peel oil, lemon peel oil, mandarin orange peel oil, yuzu peel oil) are mixed, so when you mist it, the refreshing citrus scent spreads softly every time you use it. The mood is refreshed. I took a look at the skin at the end of the day when I did “Kiss Me Makeup Mist” after makeup. What was particularly easy to understand was that the foundation in places where sebum easily collapsed due to dryness, such as the cheeks and nose, did not collapse more than usual. There was a moisturizing feeling on the surface of the skin, and the glossy feeling of the skin was maintained.

Keeps your skin smooth and fresh without stickiness!Recommended for people who want to prevent makeup from collapsing due to sweat, water, and dryness during the day.

In the coming season, I’m worried about the makeup breaking due to sweat. It’s a waterproof prescription, so it keeps the finish of the makeup against sweat and water, and I’m glad that the make-up fix ingredient makes it stick tightly and prevents the make-up from collapsing. It has a smooth texture and a refreshing scent, so it will be comfortable in the coming season. You can easily replenish the moisture just by squeezing it over your makeup, so it is recommended to carry it in a bag. Purchase products from the official Kiss Me online store, cosmetic shops nationwide, and drug stores.