NMB48 Rei Jonishi reveals “strongest and most beautiful” swimsuit off-shot that is nailed to beauty bust

Rei Jonishi of NMB48 updated Twitter on Monday, 29th. The off-shot of “GIRLS-PEDIA” (KADOKAWA) on sale has been released.

[Photo]Rei Jonishi’s swimsuit off-shot that is nailed to the beautiful bust

Rei Jonishi was unveiled as a 5th gen member of NMB48 in June 2016. Due to its overwhelming proportions, it attracted attention as a “new generation gravure queen”, and in November last year, it released the long-awaited 1st photo book “Water Temperature” (Shueisha).

Uenishi updated Twitter on the 29th (Monday). “Good morning, March is over ~ #Girlspedia-san, have you found it perfectly?” And released an off-shot that stands out from “GIRLS-PEDIA” (KADOKAWA) on sale. ..

In the post, there are voices such as “I think it’s really too cute and my heart stops”, “A refreshing off-shot from the morning”, “The strongest beautiful”, “I feel great from the morning”.

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▽ Rei Jonishi
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