Nogizaka46 responds to the dignified first-generation live member-produced project “Too great”

The live “9th YEAR BIRTHDAY LIVE ~ 1st generation live ~” by the 1st generation members of the idol group Nogizaka46 was delivered live on the 29th. Nogizaka46 “9th YEAR BIRTHDAY LIVE ~ 1st gen member live ~” Originally, the live “9th YEAR BIRTHDAY LIVE” that was delivered live in February of this year was scheduled to be held for each period from the 1st gen member to the 4th gen member. However, as a measure to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection, the live performance by period has been postponed to this day. On March 28th, the day before, the second generation live was held, and Miona Hori graduated from the group. The opening of the 1st gen member live was the 4th single “Uniform Mannequin”. The 1st generation members who wore sailor suits at that time made me feel nostalgic. After that, he closed the opening block with an early number, saying, “Maybe I wanted to meet you,” “Finger telescope,” and “Your name is hope.” In the middle of the live, the members rushed into a project to produce the members. Manatsu Akimoto, produced by Asuka Saito, sings the 4th generation song “Out of the blue” with me like a cat, and Kazumi Takayama, produced by Sayuri Matsumura, sings “Do you know me?” Although it was shown, there was a “fall” of playing the piano from the middle, and Asuka Saito, produced by Manatsu Akimoto, had to respond to the request from Akimoto while singing “Start of Romance” and singing. In the planning corner with plenty of humor full of individuality of the members, such as showing various expressions and finally a kissing face on the way. Even on SNS, “Member-produced projects were really interesting”, “Member-produced projects were really interesting! It was a little fun!”, “All members-produced projects were the best !!” The final stage is titled “The Original” by the 1st generation members, and begins with the Japan Record Awards song “Influencer”. Then, he performed the under member song “That day I lied to 咄 嗟” recorded in the C / W of the 10th single “Nandome no Aozora?”. The under songs performed by Erika Ikuta, Sayuri Matsumura, and Manatsu Akimoto, who have been regular members since their debut, are fresh. And the main part was finished with the debut single “Guru Guru Curtain”. The encore starts with the 3rd generation song “Omoide First”. In addition, the 25th single “Shiawaseno Hogoiro” released last year was recorded as a C / W song, and the 4th generation song “I see …”, which was the most buzzing 4th generation song with a total of about 20 million views on You Tube of Music Video, was shown. I performed a junior song innocently. And here, the solo performances of the 3rd and 4th gen members are announced as a surprise (4th gen performance: May 8th, 3rd gen member performance: May 9, 2021). The last performed the under song “Hidarimuneno Yuuki” recorded in the C / W of the debut single “Guru Guru Curtain”, and the solo performance of the 1st gen member ended. Nogizaka46 had 34 starting members, but the group has entered its 10th anniversary, and now only 8 first-year students are enrolled. With the rise of young members such as the 3rd and 4th generations, Nogizaka46 has undergone a remarkable change of generations, but it still has an outstanding presence, and it was a solo performance by the 1st generation who showed a record.

Nogizaka46 “9th YEAR BIRTHDAY LIVE ~ 1st generation live ~” set list

M1: Uniform mannequin
M2: Maybe I wanted to meet
M3: Finger telescope
M4: Your name is hope
M5: Friday the 13th
M6: Out of the blue
M7: Do you know me?
M8: Life is beautiful
M9: Start of romance
M10: Reincarnation of desire
M11: Fishing moat
M12: Girls rules
M13: Dekopin
M14: Somewhere not here
M15: Influencer
M16: That day I lied to 咄 嗟
M17: Against
M18: Hadashide Summer
M19: I’m sorry, smoothie
M20: Heart medicine
M21: Round and round curtain
EN1: Omoide first
EN2: Border
EN3: I see…
EN4: Courage on the left chest