Pekopa, Gluttony Legend Takeru Kobayashi & Giant Shirota and “Borouma Shokudo”!Momokuro Tamai Shiori is cooking with Russian Sato on a business trip

Pekopa (Shupei, Taiyu Shoinji) will appear in “Big Eating Hunter Special” (TV Tokyo series, every Friday from 18:55 to * usually 19:25 to), which will be broadcast on April 2nd. Along with eating legends Takeru Kobayashi and Giant Shirota, he searches for a well-known store that looks a bit ugly but tastes great.

The program features a large number of big-eating stars discovered by TV TOKYO, challenging the “big boobs” with zero complete meals, and eating all the popular chain stores, queue stores, and overseas gourmet foods. On this day, Kaminari and Hironobu Komiya (Sanshiro) will be in charge of MC.

In the special broadcast on March 16, Harapeko Twins and MAX Suzuki ate rumored buzzed rice online, and Azuki Moeno and Jun Murakami at the ramen sanctuary, Kanshichi. Eat “excellent ramen” with shizuru and talk about it.

This time, that gluttony legend is coming! Kobayashi and Shirata, along with Pekopa, head to the Borouma Shokudo, which is loved by the locals, and eat exquisite dishes. In addition, in the cooking corner for business trips all over Japan, a large monster, Russian Sato, and Momoiro Clover Z’s glutton, Shiori Tamai, cook and eat big dishes with seasonal ingredients.