Riho Yoshioka and Ryohei Suzuki play the role of Kyun “I’m gonna grab my heart!”

Actress Riho Yoshioka attended the press conference of Fuji TV drama “Renai Manga Artist” (starting on April 8th, every Thursday from 22:00 onwards * first 15 minutes expansion) to Ryusei Iwata as a child actor. He revealed that he became a melody. The same drama of a romantic comedy unfolded by Seiichiro Karibe, a manga artist who is not very good at romance, and Ai Kuon, a cliff-top girl called Hoihoi, who plays Yoshioka. Ryusei plays Karibe, an elementary school student who lost his beloved father and was taken over by his uncle Seiichiro. Ryusei-kun was praised by both Suzuki and Yoshioka as “a genius child actor” and “not only a play but also a genius”. In particular, Yoshioka said, “Maybe Seiichiro-san made Ryusei-kun cunnilingus (laughs). Ryusei-kun was a little too awesome when he was playing Ren-kun, and he grabbed my heart. “It’s like” I’m in trouble with my sister “(laughs),” Suzuki admitted, “I could see that I was more cunnilingus than I was.” On the other hand, Suzuki commented on the scene where Yoshioka approached her sleeping self and said that she was “cute”. report. Yoshioka said he cautioned, “Mr. Suzuki, it’s a romantic comedy!”, But Suzuki, who starred in the royal romantic comedy for the first time, self-analyzed, “I’m not used to that,” and Yoshioka said, “Mr. Suzuki’s pure side. I saw it. ” However, Yoshioka also remembered that the opportunity to “practice hugging” for the actual performance was “I was so embarrassed to be seen by people, and I was really shy.”