US’s first vaccine passport in New York, IBM’s technology utilization–expected to progress

The state of New York announced the release of the digital version of the vaccine passport “Excelsior Pass” on March 26th. This passport is based on IBM technology. It is said that it will be the first time in the United States to officially release such technology. It may pave the way for further full-scale adoption.

Provided by: IBM’s IBM Digital Health Pass, NY, provides consumers with safe and privacy-friendly sharing of vaccination status and test results for the new coronavirus infection (COVID-19). It’s a blockchain-based tool. The state of New York explains that using the Excelsior Pass (which was tested in March) is voluntary and inexpensive. This IBM technology works with Salesforce services. The idea here is that making vaccine passports available voluntarily and for free could lead to significant adoption. This passport will allow you to watch sports in person and go to concerts and other events. The New York State announcement page has a link to a detailed description page for companies and consumers interested in adopting the Excelsior Pass. Madison Square Garden will start using this technology this week. It will be applicable to smaller art facilities, entertainment facilities, and event facilities from April 2, and it is expected that it will be introduced in more facilities. New York is the first to introduce this technology, but other states will follow suit if they want to open venues for a variety of events and fill them with attendees. Also, while companies may need documents to allow admission, the app-based approach will make it easier to share information. Here are some of the reasons why this technology is likely to be widely accepted. Each state wants to unlock it, and IBM’s federal and local government divisions have white-label technology and many installation bases. I also think that if consumers can control their data in a secure way, they would think of vaccines and access to different locations as a trade-off. But for now, the Excelsior Pass is only available in New York. If vaccinated, rules may be enacted that will allow more participants to be invited at events such as weddings and social events. The interface of Excelsior Pass is familiar to those who have boarded an aircraft using a smartphone, using a QR code. Other countries are already trying to adopt vaccine passports, as are airlines. The main laboratories are trying to promptly notify the test results of the new coronavirus, so people will be able to obtain the results in a timely manner. Companies are also clogged up and want to see employee test results and vaccination status for the new coronavirus. It’s hard to imagine a company developing its own app for a variety of reasons, but it’s possible to take advantage of state-, government-, and consumer-backed vaccine passports.