“At the driving range …” that tells the truth of Friday with Hokuyo and Ito under the impulse bank

On the 27th, Atsushi Tsutsumita of Comedy Combi Impulse released the video “[Izakaya Tsutsumita]The customer is Mr. Hokuyo. I talked about the truth of Friday with Ito-chan!” On the official YouTube channel “Tsutsumita Shokudo”. Hokuyo and Saori Ito revealed the inside story when they were scooped up in the weekly photo magazine “FRIDAY”. Atsushi Tsutsumita of Impulse In front of his allies who co-starred in the popular variety show “Haneru no Tobira” (Fuji TV series), Tsutsumita was deeply moved, saying, “It’s kind of nostalgic.” Then he started talking, “In terms of relationships, I’m deep with Ito-chan (laughs)” and said, “Ito-chan took me to practice golf. I drove to Mr. Ito. I picked it up and went to the driving range, and it appeared on “FRIDAY” as it was, “he said in a past scoop article. And Ito also burst into laughter, remembering those days, saying, “Yes! That’s why it disappeared into the darkness of the night at the end.” However, his companion Mihoko Abukawa said, “I may not remember, but I was there at that time! (King Kong’s) Kajiwara was also there.” Because he is recognized as a woman … “” I’m sorry. I was in the car, but for some reason they were these two, “he complained. In addition, “FRIDAY” asked me to comment, “For my Yoshimoto, I was so excited that I couldn’t comment, so I said no comment. I can play with the program,” he said to the scoop. Under the embankment that “I got on”. However, Hokuyo’s Jinrikisha commented, “I don’t have that kind of relationship. I’m just a co-star of the program.” “I’m answering because Jinrikisha is serious. No, I can tell by looking at it. That was fun, “he recalled with a laugh.