IBM to provide quantum computer to private hospital for the first time–used for genome analysis and drug discovery

IBM has signed a 10-year partnership with the non-profit academic medical center Cleveland Clinic on March 30 to study healthcare and life sciences using quantum computing and artificial intelligence (AI). Announced that it will establish a “Discovery Accelerator” center.

Provided by: IBM IBM plans to install IBM Quantum System One, the company’s first quantum computer for the private sector in the United States, on the premises of the clinic in Cleveland, Ohio, as part of the partnership. According to Dr. Tom Mihaljevic, CEO of Cleveland Clinic, quantum computers can help “transform medicine.” “These new computing technologies will help us make significant advances in our discoveries in life sciences,” he said in a statement. Planned research areas include genomics, chemical and drug development, unicellular transcriptomics (a type of gene expression analysis), mass health care, and clinical applications. Researchers also aim to leverage big data while protecting privacy to better respond to global health crises such as coronavirus infections and improve patient care. IBM also plans to install a next-generation quantum computer with more than 1000 qubits, which is scheduled to be announced in 2023, on the premises of the clinic. In February, IBM announced improvements to its quantum computing software, revealing that it would run 100 times faster in 2021.