Rack launches service to investigate unmanaged IP addresses

On March 31, LAC began offering a “Quick Discovery” service that keeps track of the usage of IP addresses that are not under the control of system personnel. The service investigates the IP addresses that the organization publishes on the Internet, and makes it possible to manage the IP addresses that responded and the public services as list information. If the survey results differ from the public services that the administrator knows, insufficient security measures for unmanaged servers and services may lead to security accidents. The survey scans 30 typical TCP / UDP ports for the specified global IP network address. The survey result report will be provided in Excel format in about 3 business days. When there is a response from an unmanaged web service, the top screen is captured and described in the supplementary material so that the site can be easily identified (80 / tcp, 443 / tcp, 8080 / tcp, 8443 / tcp). Is the target).

Service image In addition, a debriefing session will be held after the survey to receive consultations on future security measures based on the diagnosis results. The reference price starts from 187,000 yen (tax included) when surveying 500 IPs in a spot.