(sic) boy releases pre-delivered single “Bomber (Prod.KM)” from the latest EP for the first time in half a year

(sic) boy released the distribution single “Bombing Machine (Prod.KM)” on March 31, 2021.

The 1st album “CHAOS TAPE” released in October 2020 is called “Genre Tokyo” because of its unique Tokyo-themed world view and genreless sound, and the total number of subscription views has exceeded 25 million (sic). ) Boy. His new song, which has attracted public attention such as being selected for Spotify “RADAR: Early Noise 2021”, is a hard and attractive flow with a (sic) boy’s word choice that expresses overflowing emotions. , KM’s hybrid beat and mix sense shine. The EP including this song will be released in April.

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(sic) boy
Delivery single “Bomber (Prod.KM)”

Delivery date: March 31, 2021 (Wednesday)
Delivery link: https://nex-tone.link/bakugekiki