Yamada Holdings Introduces Business Digitization Cloud

Yamada Holdings has started full-scale use of DreamArts’ “SmartDB” with the aim of proactively digitizing operations. “SmartDB” is a business digital cloud service for large companies. Yamada Holdings has been piloting “SmartDB” for the purpose of digitizing the group since September 2019, with about 2000 people using it. As of February 2021, the scale of use has been expanded to 3,500 people, and full-scale use has begun.

Image of using smart DB Yamada Holdings is aiming to move the knowledge database (in-house intranet information) used at each site to “SmartDB” and use it at all sites. Currently, the transportation expense reimbursement system “ticket / accommodation arrangement application” has been realized with “SmartDB” and the head office is being expanded. Taking the opportunity of developing new store formats, the company has been quick to work on paperless and digitization, including the “electronic shelf tag” measure that digitizes all price tags of stores. On the other hand, some of the group’s head office operations remain paper-based, and we aim to make internal application documents completely paperless in order to reduce the workload and costs associated with them and establish a new way of working. There is. In order for the company to speedily develop a system that can handle strong on-site work with its own uniqueness, in-house production utilizing the no-code development platform is indispensable, and “SmartDB” will digitize the group. I decided that I could accelerate.