Air stairs Mogura gives an idol VTuber a unit control with “Laughing Heart”

Nippon Television’s variety show “Comedy” Laughing Heart “” starring the comedy duo Magic Lovely, Kuki Kaidan, and Nippon’s president, SISSONNE, was broadcast at midnight on the 31st. Kuki Kaidan Suzuki Mogura = Nippon Television’s “Study Trip” is a royal road “Night of School Trip” with the theme of Magic Lovely, Kuki Kaidan, the president of Japan, and students dressed as Jiro Sisonne. Throw. Hasegawa, who plays the role of a teacher who came around there, bursts Tsukkomi. Hasegawa’s Tsukkomi, who adds exquisite comments to the seven people who freely defeat the bokeh, is a masterpiece. VTuver control using the latest technology is also available. The air staircase enthusiastically performed the gap between the idol VTuber and reality. As the name suggests, “Crystal Noda’s first TV contest work” Makai Basketball “” is a masterpiece of Noda, the W champion of “R-1 Grand Prix 2020” and “M-1 Grand Prix 2020”. In addition to the setting like a youth sports manga, the point is the absurdity of the enemies of the demon world. The last one was a wake-up contest run by Jiro Sisonne, who plays the role of a widow. Nippon’s president Tsuji, who visited during the night, saw curry and naan served in front of the condolences. What’s more, only curry was served to Tsuji for some reason. An episode talk tournament that suddenly starts there … Pretending to be a habitual female role, Jiro unleashes a gem that naturally turns into a big joy tournament. The program is distributed on TVer. On Hulu, a big reflection meeting & unreleased scene after the control will be delivered.