“Cloudera Data Platform” is now available on “Google Cloud”

Cloudera, which handles big data, machine learning (ML), and data streaming functions, announced on the morning of March 31 that “Cloudera Data Platform (CDP)” is now available on “Google Cloud.” CDP, a multi / hybrid cloud enterprise data platform, is already available on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure, and is also available in on-premises environments. With the addition of Google Cloud to the platform that supports CDP, and with the help of the container orchestration platform Kubernetes, Cloudera’s platform can now run almost anywhere. Taken together, CDP is in an advantageous position compared to services such as Amazon Elastic MapReduce (EMR), Azure HDInsight, and Google Cloud Dataproc, which are designed with your cloud platform in mind. It can be said that it is attached. Google has enabled the use of Cloud Dataproc on public and private clouds via Anthos, and Microsoft has launched a similar proprietary data service via Azure Arc technology. .. However, these analytics services are not as platform-independent as CDP and its “Shared Data Experience (SDX)” management plane. The SDX management plane allows orchestration and various combinations of CDP resources in all supported environments. “The open source spirit inscribed in our DNA will help businesses derive value from all data across architectures such as hybrid, multi-cloud and on-premises,” said Mick Hollison, President of Cloudera. Stated.