Daikin Industries introduces “New Relic One” in remote support system for air conditioner maintenance service

Daikin Industries, Ltd. has introduced the system performance monitoring tool “New Relic One”. Used for the in-house developed “air conditioner maintenance service remote support system”. New Relic is a tool that can help identify and improve performance degradation bottlenecks that affect the user experience, such as IoT devices and back-end systems. The air conditioner maintenance service remote support system is a system in which skilled engineers support work remotely. The wearable IoT device “THINKLET” developed by Fairy Devices, a venture from the University of Tokyo, will be used for air conditioner installation work, maintenance, inspection, and maintenance by service engineers. The company has independently developed an application that runs on THINKLET, a web application that allows skilled engineers to issue work support instructions remotely through video and audio, and a back-end serverless architecture. On the other hand, as the system was put into practical use in Japan and overseas, there was a need for a solution to identify the causes of failures and service level declines, and to identify potential problems and bottlenecks. Daikin Industries is planning a demonstration experiment of 1000 users in the Asian region from April, and New Relic will be responsible for providing visualized information to maintain high service quality in a larger environment.