Even though it is a high cover, it has a realistic skin feel. Get smooth and pottery skin with “Kate Real Cover Liquid”!

I want to cover pores and dullness well, but I don’t like thick coating. Kate has created a base makeup item that will solve your problems! “Kate Real Cover Liquid (Light Glow)”When“Kate Protection Expert”Then, let’s get a beautiful skin with a smooth and high-covered realistic skin feeling.

“Kate Real Cover Liquid” that gives you a high-cover x realistic skin feel

Kanebo CosmeticsFrom the make-up brand “Kate”, a new base make-up item that gives you semi-glossy skin while covering well is now available.

“Kate Real Cover Liquid (Light Glow)” (7 colors in total / 1 color limited to the WEB, price 1,760 yen including tax, researched by the editorial department, on sale)Is a new sensation liquid foundation that has both a high cover and a realistic skin feel. The secret is a high-adhesion and double-cover prescription with a “high cover effect” that adheres highly to the skin and prevents it from collapsing, and a “glossy cover effect” that covers pores and irregularities with light. It creates a glossy and realistic skin feeling while covering the skin problems that you are worried about.The groundwork you want to use together“Kate Protection Expert” (1 type, price 1,540 yen including tax, researched by the editorial department, on sale).. A gel-type protection base that keeps the foundation beautifully finished for a long time while moisturizing it. Fine particles in the air such as dust and dirt do not easily come into contact with the skin, and SPF50 + / PA +++ provides good UV protection!

Realistic skin feeling even with high cover

Let’s try it from the groundwork immediately. The tip of the tube is thin, and it is easy to adjust the amount to be put out. The gel is soft. The texture is similar to general beauty creams and eye creams. I feel a slight refreshing scent with a sense of cleanliness. It is as light as skin care and stretches well. About two pearl grains were enough to apply to the entire face. The skin prepared with the foundation is toned up like a slightly white veil. It is thin and does not appear white, and has a natural luster. The surface of the skin is also moist and fresh and comfortable. There are 7 foundation colors here. This time, I will try the standard color “02”. The black package looks like Kate and is cool! When you put it on the back of your hand, it has a smooth and thick texture. The gloss of the liquid surface that reflects light is beautiful. Let’s blend in from the inside to the outside of the cheeks. Just as the skin prepared with the foundation willingly invites the foundation, I feel that it fits tightly and integrates on the skin. Here is the finished skin. Dullness under the eyes and corners of the mouth, dark spots on the cheeks, redness of the nose … It is evenly compensated and well covered as if the skin problems that were worrisome were not originally. The freshness and complexion of bare skin are not lost. The result is a natural pottery skin with a beautiful semi-glossy feel. I spent the whole day with it in the morning, but I didn’t feel any twist or shine even in the evening, and it was hard to collapse. The moist texture was maintained and the moisturizing power was perfect.

“Kate Real Cover Liquid” for semi-glossy skin

“Kate Real Cover Liquid (Light Glow)” and “Kate Protection Expert” that cover skin problems even though there is no feeling of thick coating. It’s perfect for spring makeup that you want to enjoy with light and beautiful skin, so if you are interested, please check it out! Products can be purchased from online shops and drug stores.