Fujitsu starts operation of local 5G system at network equipment manufacturing base

Fujitsu has started operation of local 5G (private 5th generation mobile communication system) at the Oyama factory, which is a manufacturing base for network equipment. This system realizes digital transformation (DX) of business such as automation of field work and remote support, and consists of a stand-alone system in the 4.7 GHz band and a non-stand-alone system in the 28 GHz extended frequency band.

Efforts in each process at the Oyama Plant

Image of Utilization of Local 5G at Oyama Factory Fujitsu Telecom Networks, which has a site in the factory and manufactures network equipment including local 5G, utilizes a large amount of large-capacity data such as high-definition video and sensor data. We are aiming for efficient technology transfer, high-precision work, and automation. This time, in order to realize them, we will build a local 5G network according to the reach of radio waves and the intended use, and apply it to on-site work. For the transportation of parts and products inside and between buildings, high-precision position measurement and running are performed by real-time communication with automatic guided vehicles running in the factory by utilizing the 4.7 GHz band network with long radio wave reach. Control and automate. High-definition camera images installed inside and outside the factory and on automatic guided vehicles are transmitted to the edge computing environment with low delay, and AI (artificial intelligence) analysis is performed to recognize the position and run of the automatic guided vehicle in three dimensions. Take control.

Judgment screen for assembly work by AI video analysis In assembly work by workers, products taken with a large number of high-definition 4K cameras installed in the factory utilizing a 28 GHz band network suitable for wideband and large-capacity data communication. High-speed transmission of video such as work and work to the edge computing environment. Furthermore, this is analyzed by AI, and feedback is given in real time to see if it is moving correctly. In work judgment by AI video analysis, the edge computing environment and MES (Manufacturing Execution System) are linked, and AI selects the worker’s hands, parts cases, and parts from the images of assembly work taken by multiple high-definition cameras. Recognize, take the correct part from the specified part case based on the procedure, and determine if it is mounted in the correct position on the board.

Training with MR device

Product 3D model projected on MR device We also provide on-site work training and remote support using MR (Mixed Reality) devices. A 3D model of the product is created in the edge computing environment in the factory, and the 3D model and work instructions are displayed on the MR device, while experts and developers remotely guide and support the workers in the field. By utilizing local 5G, it is possible to draw a large amount of data on an MR device in real time, and it is possible to improve the efficiency of remote work guidance and support.