Google’s database migration service “DMS” becomes GA

Google Cloud launches general availability (GA) of database migration service (DMS), a serverless tool for migrating database workloads of “MySQL” and “PostgreSQL” to “Cloud SQL” on March 31st. Announced that it was done. In addition, support for “Microsoft SQL Server” will be realized in the near future. DMS supports migration from both on-premises and other clouds. It also offers a unique migration mode that maximizes security, accuracy, and reliability by using the native replication capabilities of MySQL and PostgreSQL. The tool was first released in November 2020. Since that time, customers such as Accenture, Comoto, DoiT, Ryde Technologies and Samsung have been using the tool. Freedom Financial Network also uses DMS to complete the migration and full synchronization of its large MySQL database in about 13 hours. The company planned to stop each application for a couple of hours, but the actual downtime on the database side was up to 10 minutes per application. “DMS has helped us make the transition successful without data loss by providing step-by-step instructions,” said Christopher Testroet, Principal Engineer at Freedom Financial Network, in a blog post. , With the help of DMS and Google Cloud, convert a monolithic architecture to a microservices architecture, deploy it on Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), and then connect to Cloud SQL with a sidecar pattern of container design patterns. I used “Cloud SQL Proxy” and “Go” proxy library. ”