Iris Ohyama cloud-based personnel evaluation system–systematizes current system as it is

Iris Ohyama has introduced AJS’s cloud-based personnel evaluation system “P-TH +”. The introduction will be completed at the end of March, and the operation will start in April. By introducing P-TH +, Iris Ohyama has systematized the current evaluation flow and the evaluation sheet using Excel as it is. The service allows users to enter the same image as a conventional paper or Excel evaluation sheet, so no special education is required for users. In addition, the progress of evaluation can be confirmed on the system, and the evaluation list is automatically created, which leads to prevention of transcription errors and efficiency of evaluation work. Furthermore, simple input is possible from a mobile terminal, and evaluation results can be analyzed using the accumulated data on the system. In addition, all communications are encrypted, and the database is duplicated, encrypted and backed up daily. It also undergoes regular security inspections by a third party.

Comparison before and after the introduction Iris Ohyama used multiple evaluation tools and evaluation flows such as paper, web, and Excel to evaluate personnel before the system was introduced, but the operation and management were complicated. Therefore, the product has requirements such as “easy to use not only for the evaluator but also for the evaluated person”, “a simple system that is easy to operate”, and “a flexible system that can respond to major changes in the evaluation system”. After evaluation, it was introduced this time. With this introduction, we will eliminate the complexity of operation due to the use of multiple evaluation tools and reduce the burden on the evaluator and the human resources department. In addition, by unifying the evaluation sheet, which was separately managed, personnel evaluation information will be managed and accumulated, which will be useful for human resource development. The company plans to strengthen engagement with employees by setting goals more appropriately by responding to changes in evaluation content more flexibly.