Lily Franky & Ryo Nishikido, parent-child role in Japanese-English joint film Director decides actor by watching Japanese movie

It was revealed on the 1st that actor Lily Franky will star in the Japanese-English collaboration movie “Cottontail” (released in 2022). Lily Franky is a new film by Patrick Dickinson, director of the “British Academy Film Awards US Student Film Awards”. In the story of the rebirth of the love of a family that has collapsed due to the loss of a loved one, the protagonist Kensaburo (Lily Franky), along with his only son Toshi (Ryo Nishikido), is in the will of his wife Akiko (Tae Kimura). I will go on a trip to Lake Windermere in the lake district of the northern part of England, the remaining land, and draw various thoughts until accepting sadness. Director and screenwriter Patrick Dickinson has won the “British Academy Film Awards US Student Film Award” and the first European “Student Emmy Award” in the drama category, and is active in the world of film and television. Having studied abroad at Waseda University and watching many Japanese movies, I decided to perform this time. Lily Franky will play the lead role, Ryo Nishikido, who has a reputation for acting ability, will play Toshi, Tae Kimura will play Kensaburo’s wife, Akiko, and Rin Takanashi will play Toshi’s wife, Satsuki. From the UK, Ciarán Hinds (“Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows PART 2”), starring “Wild Rose” and the award-winning Jesse Buckli (“Judi Beyond the Rainbow”) 』) Has been decided to appear. In addition, this work is produced and sold worldwide by West End Films, which has won numerous awards and nominations at Academy Awards and British Academy Film Awards, such as “Philomena” and “The Duchess’ Life”. There are also expectations for global expansion in the future. Co-produced by British Film Institute Network and British Academy Film Awards Crew 2021 (“Everything I Ever Wanted to Tell My Daughter About Men” “My House”) Jamie Harvey and Satch Watanabe (“TOKYO VICE” ) ”“ Outsider ”) participated. Shooting was postponed due to the corona wreck, but it will start in Japan in early summer 2021, and after shooting in London, England, it is scheduled to be released in Japan in 2022.

Comments from Director Patrick Dickinson

Lily Franky is one of the greatest actors of today. I’m always amazed at the delicate and human-like performance he puts into his role, and I think that’s why he has a special presence. I’m really looking forward to making this love story called “Cotton Tail” with Lily, and at the same time, I want to make it a beautiful movie that touches the hearts of people all over the world. Ryo Nishikido is an actor who is very good at drawing the audience into the emotions of the role he plays. Ryo-san’s play in “The Scythian Lamb” made me more and more drawn to the emotions of his role and gave me an unforgettable movie experience. We are glad that everyone can experience the breadth and depth of the talented Ryo’s acting with “Cotton Tail”. When I saw Tae Kimura’s play at “All Around Us,” which won the Japan Academy Prize, I felt it was really wonderful. Mr. Tae brilliantly expressed his true feelings, and I was made to cry many times. I think that this “true thing” of Mr. Tae is the reason why it resonates deeply in the hearts of the audience and impresses them. I’m looking forward to being able to visualize her talent in a love story called “Cotton Tail” with Mr. Tae. Rin Takanashi’s play at “Like Someone in Love”, which was officially invited to the Cannes International Film Festival, was really excellent. Rin brilliantly played the role as a human being with hope and fear, and I felt her special talent. Fortunately, Mr. Rin joined the cast, and I think that those who saw “Cotton Tail” will surely be moved by her delicate and emotional play.

Gabriel Tana Producer Comments

I am very pleased that such wonderful actors have gathered under the script of director Patrick. All the producers are looking forward to making this beautiful story as a movie with you in the future. Together with the wonderful directors, actors and staff, I would like to make this love story a work that transcends language and nationality and touches the hearts of many people.


Kensaburo (Lily Franky) was estranged from his only son Toshi (Ryo Nishikido) for a while until his wife Akiko (Tae Kimura) was lost. After a long time at Akiko’s funeral, she meets Toshi, his wife Satsuki (Rin Takanashi), and his grandson Emi. Kensaburo, who is supposed to be the mourner, gets drunk and takes a sloppy attitude. Toshi is frustrated by his father, but he cares. Then, Akiko’s will was opened, and she asked me to scatter it on Lake Windermere in England, which was the birthplace of “Peter Rabbit” that Akiko liked when she was a child and wanted to go with her husband and wife. It was the content. Kensaburo and the Toshi family set out for the Lake District in northern England to fulfill Akiko’s wishes. Toshi is frustrated by Kensaburo, who continues to take an unadulterated attitude while worrying about something even when he comes to England. Kensaburo and Toshi, who cannot open their hearts and face each other, have a dispute in London during their journey, and Kensaburo goes to the lake alone without saying anything. Lost, exhausted, and at a loss, he meets John (Ciaran Hinds) and his daughter Mary (Jessie Buckley), who live on a farm. Kensaburo, who was taken care of by the two gentle people and gradually relaxed, decided and contacted Toshi. And what is the secret that I couldn’t tell to Toshi who came to pick me up? * Cottontail is the name of one of Peter’s three sisters in the masterpiece “The Tale of Peter Rabbit” by writer Beatrix Potter.