Obata’s older brother “Grows when you give out a bride (Yamazaki Anna)!” Focus on SNS and increase followers

The laughing entertainer’s older brother, Magical Lovely, a laughing combination, took the stage at the “Vieris Co., Ltd. 2021 Entrance Ceremony” held in Tokyo on the 1st. Obata’s older brother The ingenious Instagram post is a hot topic. Currently, there are about 775,000 followers, and “the number increased by 300,000 during the self-restraint period.” “I thought that if I did this, it would grow, and if I did it through trial and error, it would grow a lot, so increasing my followers would strengthen my ability to communicate.” When Murakami of Magic Lovely asked about the secret plan to extend his followers, “I’m going to have a bride !?”, Obata said, “The answer is great! My wife will grow and grow!” Revealed that it will grow. It seems that Shun Oguri, an actor who is impersonating himself, is also helping him, and he said, “Yamasaki bread, Shun Oguri will be released. “…”