The 23rd: The appearance of “a new single-minded Sith in the Corona era” found in the fact-finding survey

VUCA itself in 2020 In December 2020, the Solitary Information System Working Group conducted the “Solitary Information System Fact-finding Survey” and the “Solitary Enterprise IT Investment Trend Survey” in order to clarify the actual situation of the Solitary Information System of mid-sized companies. Did. The subjects of the survey are mid-sized companies in Japan with 100 to 500 employees, and 1673 group subsidiaries and independent companies of major companies that exist in Japan. We collected answers from people involved in IT decision making. Working group members who have experience of loneliness and are familiar with the situation created question items and supported the survey results. I think there have been many changes in 2020 for everyone. I think you really realized the “era of VUCA” that had been talked about for several years. VUCA is “Volatility” (variability / instability) where the situation changes rapidly, “Uncertainty” (uncertainty / uncertainty) where you do not know what is reliable information, and “Complexity” where various factors are intertwined. (Complexity), an acronym for “Ambiguity” (ambiguity / uncertainty), which makes it difficult for both companies and individuals to come up with a clear plan. In 2020, which was VUCA itself, a survey of the environment surrounding the Solitary Sith revealed a new trend.Topics found in the survey

1. 1.Solitary Sith increased slightly to 33%

There was a change in the breakdown of the single-minded Sith. 13% of companies have changed from one to two people in charge of the IT system department to “two-person emotional system”, and 13% of companies have changed from “zero emotional system” to “single emotional system” without a dedicated person in charge. It was 14%.

2. 21% of single-minded Siths have less than three years of experience

Of the “Junior Solitary Siths” who had less than three years of experience in Solitary Sith, 74% were aware of their lack of skills and found that they were impatient with their skill proficiency. However, 59% find it rewarding to work alone.

3. 3.52% of those who changed jobs in Sith are IT vendors

The number of single-minded people who change jobs from IT vendors to user companies has increased rapidly. The number of people who want to change jobs is increasing, which gives us a sense of the possibility of becoming a trend in the future.

Four.25% of single-minded Siths are in dire situation

As many as 25% of the single-mindedness systems corresponded to all three items, “I am not satisfied with the work content”, “I am not getting a salary commensurate with the current work content”, and “I have low motivation”.

Five. 27% of “one-person help desks” with less than one-person information system

The “one-person help desk,” which mainly provides help desk-type support such as agency work with vendors, PC setup, and office tools, deviated from the general business requirements of the information system.

6.89% of executives are reluctant to use IT or digitalization

Only 11% of single-minded Sith companies have “incorporated a medium-term management plan” or “issued a concrete message of IT / digitization within the company” for IT and digitalization. ..

7.88% of companies do not establish remote work

Only 12% of companies are expanding remote work and operating it on a regular basis. It seems that it is difficult to shift from the paper culture, such as stamping approval and issuing invoices to business partners.

8. 8. 89% of companies are far from DX

Only about 10% of companies have benefited from the advancement of digital transformation (DX), such as improved corporate competitiveness, customer satisfaction, and improved financial condition. Budgets and human resources are recognized as barriers to DX.

9.71% of companies are using the cloud due to the corona virus

68% of companies were already using some kind of cloud. In addition, 71% of companies are considering giving priority to the cloud for future server environments. The number of cloud-oriented mid-sized companies is increasing rapidly.

Ten. 63% of companies need SIer support for IT operations

The number of outsourced operations to outsourced companies (SIers) that support system management is increasing, and the dependence on SIers is further increasing. An increasing number of solitary systems companies are considering PC management for outsourcing. The above are the main trends surrounding the single-minded Sith found in this survey. Although the number of employees has increased, problems such as lack of skills, high dependence on vendors, and lack of understanding of digitalization by business owners have been highlighted. From the next time, we will dig deeper into each trend. Hiroshi Shimizu Chairman, Solo Information System Working Group Completed MBA (Master of Business Administration) from Waseda University and Oklahoma City University. After joining Yokogawa Hewlett-Packard, he has been with Hewlett-Packard Japan for about 20 years, engaged in sales and marketing operations in Japan and overseas (Singapore, Thailand, France), and served as director of Hewlett-Packard Asia Pacific Headquarters in the United States. General Manager of Business PC Business Headquarters. Joined Dell in 2015. Senior executive officer. After working on marketing related to the launch of partners, he oversaw company-wide marketing as a Japanese corporation. Double the business targeting mid-sized companies and become the world’s top division. Selected as the Top 1% Excellence Leader in Asia Pacific Management. Independence in 2020. In addition to the book “Hitotsujo Sith” (Toyo Keizai Inc.), he has serialized many articles related to Hitoshi Sith and digital transformation.