VMware announces “VMware Cloud” to promote multi-infrastructure support and app modernization

On March 31, VMware announced new cloud portfolios, VMware Cloud Universal, VMware Cloud Console, and VMware App Navigator. It will promote centralized use of infrastructure across on-premises and cloud and modernization of applications.

VMware Cloud’s new portfolio The new portfolio will enable VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF) and VMware Tanzu solutions to be used in any cloud or on-premises environment, providing consistent security and operational management. Chief Operating Officer Raghu Raghuram said that as companies around the world move on to digital transformation (DX), different old and new applications run on different infrastructures due to silos and decentralization. He pointed out that it is causing complexity and that inconsistency in security and operation management is a hindrance to promoting DX. “80% of businesses are using more than one cloud environment, and more and more are embarking on edge computing clouds. For CIOs, this situation is becoming more decentralized. How to deploy uniform applications underneath to ensure consistency of security and operational management is a major challenge, “Raghuram said. The company says it has provided various solutions for deploying on-premises VMware environments on the cloud in collaboration with cloud hyperscalers such as VCF and “VMware Cloud on AWS.” We have also expanded our Tanzu portfolio to operate modern container-based applications on multiple infrastructures. The new portfolio takes these efforts further, with Raghuram demonstrating the use of elastic infrastructure and the deployment of VMware environments that both developers and operations managers are accustomed to. He emphasizes that this will bring benefits such as rapid deployment of modern applications, faster cloud migration, and optimized total cost of ownership (TCO) with unified security and operations management. VMware Cloud Universal provides various VMware Cloud solutions on a subscription basis, and users can deploy from on-premises to various clouds or migrate from cloud to on-premises hyper-converged systems while taking advantage of purchased licenses. In this way, it is possible to flexibly rearrange the various solutions used according to the purpose and need. Mark Lohmeyer, Senior Vice President and General Manager, cited hybrid cloud configuration usage, cloud migration facilitation, and subscription-based cloud usage as possible use cases. , Encourage the use of the cloud. ”

With VMware Cloud Universal, various modules of VMware Cloud can be flexibly rearranged and used. VMware Cloud Console protects your investment by being subscription-based and allowing you to switch to another module while your purchased module is still licensed. VMware Cloud Console is a centralized VMware infrastructure environment that spans multi-cloud, edge, and on-premises. By providing VCF subscription, VMware Cloud on Dell EMC, and VMware Cloud on AWS, it will be possible to realize a flexible usage pattern that combines these. VMware App Navigator is offered as a professional service. Based on the user’s business requirements, we will take inventory of business applications, evaluate and classify whether or not they are modernized, prioritize them, and give advice on modernization methods such as containers and microservices in 4 weeks. Raghuram emphasizes that it is a unique service that aims to modernize applications in a short period of time while conducting application dependencies and code reviews. The three new portfolios announced by the company are planned to be offered in Japan from the second half of 2021. “DX will continue to be a big theme for enterprises,” said Raghuram. “DX will continue to meet the two enormous needs of cloud computing and application modernization with a single new VMware Cloud solution that integrates traditional solutions. That will be the case. ”