Kinki University demonstrates Japan’s first facial recognition payment service on university campus

Kinki University and Glory announced on April 2nd and 7th that they will conduct a demonstration experiment of face recognition payment service at Kindai University’s Higashi Osaka campus. It is said that this is the first demonstration experiment of face recognition payment on a university campus in Japan. This demonstration experiment will be conducted until the end of September, targeting approximately 26,000 students and faculty members on the Higashi Osaka campus. The company plans to introduce “BioPay,” an empty-handed payment service that uses Glory’s face recognition system, to four stores, including cafes on campus, to extract issues and data related to use by a large number of users, and to put it into practical use. Kindai University says that it is working on the practical application of new technology to socially implement the campus as a “virtual urban space”, and the Higashi Osaka campus has a site area of ​​about 240,000 square meters (about 6 Koshien stadiums). ), It was selected as a place for large-scale demonstration experiments of empty-handed payment services. BioPay is a contactless payment system that adds a payment function using credit card information to Glory’s personal authentication platform.In 2019, it will target about 500 employees of the company at convenience stores for employees in Tokyo and Himeji. We are conducting a demonstration experiment.

Usage image and payment flow