Kotaro Koizumi, Prime Minister’s son martial arts “If you fail, you can not return to your hometown” Appeared at TV Tokyo entrance ceremony

Actor Kotaro Koizumi appeared remotely as a surprise guest at the entrance ceremony of TV TOKYO on the 1st. Kotaro Koizumi (center) Announcer The station welcomed 20 new employees, including one male (Shu Tachikawa) and one female (Yuki Tomita). At the entrance ceremony, Hitomi Tanaka, an announcer for the third year, will be the moderator, and Koizumi, who will star in “Keishicho Zero Gakari-Life Safety Division Anything Counseling Room-SEASON5” (starting April 30th, every Friday from 20:00), will be remote. Surprise appeared in. Since it was between shootings, I sent an ale by answering questions from new employees in the “Fuyuhiko style” wearing a baby carrot (carrot) hoodie, which is the trademark of Zero Gakari 5 this time. At the end, I visited the venue and participated in the photo shoot with the familiar “I like it, I like it” pose full of KY detective Fuyuhiko feeling, with a new employee wearing a suit on the back, a hoodie + sneakers in red clothes did. “I wasn’t expecting to be in a role costume when I had this opportunity at the first entrance ceremony in my life, but I’m happy,” said Koizumi. It’s embarrassing. Everyone! You’ve joined a good company! It’s the best company here! ” As for the question from new employees, the theme of self-introduction at the entrance ceremony was “Buuyuden”, so there was also a question “What is Koizumi-san’s martial arts?” Koizumi said, “To be honest, I was told at that time, and when I look back on myself,” Oh, that’s right, “even though my father was the Prime Minister, the entertainment world. Did you jump into it? ” “There were many people who opposed or worried at that time, and I entered the entertainment world with the feeling that if I failed, I wouldn’t be able to return to my hometown. Did you take a step toward challenging the entertainment world when you were in the same age group? ” When asked by Anna Tanaka, “What is your impression of TV Tokyo staff?”, “I meet people from various sections (dramas, information programs, variety shows, sports), and I really enjoyed my work. I think that I am doing it. I will give my plan, it will be realized, I will work with us … I can tell that. I like it, I like it, I can not help it, and it is very much for a company called TV TOKYO People who work with pride and attachment have something to feel on their skin. ” Furthermore, “I probably have the only admission pass for TV TOKYO among the talents. That’s why I have a connection. From the studio in Kamiyacho, this new office building is also taken care of, so it’s a bit unusual I feel that I have a good relationship with TV TOKYO, “he said. In addition, as “words that I cherish” for new employees, the writer Shizuka Ijuin will introduce three lines from the “message for new members of society” contributed to a newspaper advertisement. “‘Every human has a piece of stone in his body that causes a fire. To work is to keep hitting the stone. To work is to shape the fire.'” I think the words are wonderful. I cherish them because I feel that I have to keep them for years and decades, “he said.” Everyone, I feel uneasy now. I think there are many, but like this word, if you keep hitting the stone fragments in your heart, set your own fire, and if you have the opportunity to work with me in the future, I I want to be firewood at that time, so I want you to keep hitting it with you, make the fire that you made into a flame, and keep burning the fire and flames inside you. ” (C) TV TOKYO