Maaya Uchida “I can’t go to my wife …”

Voice actor Maaya Uchida suddenly turned into Fuwa-chan at the control of Nippon Television’s variety show “Conto Michi” Yabai Heart Mark “” that was broadcast at midnight on the 1st. Maaya Uchida = Provided by NTV Uchida appears in the contest “A dangerous woman who wants to be Fuwa-chan”. She was a shy woman who couldn’t say what she wanted to say to her boyfriend, but when she wanted to say “whatever she wanted to say” like Fuwa-chan, a real Fuwa-chan appeared in herself. Uchida is very excited about his late boyfriend, Chocolate Planet Nagata, with his fluffy voice and gestures. Nagata is surprised at her sudden change. When suspicion of cheating emerged, Uchida became Fuwa-chan again and pursued Nagata with a machine gun talk. Then, the figure of Fuwa-chan giving instructions to Uchida at the competition. Uchida showed off his acting ability with all his might, such as “booger!” And “buttocks!”, But at the end, he said “I can’t go to my wife …”. It was. On Hulu, a new conte that could not be broadcast, a director’s cut version including ad lib of each conte, and a reflection meeting with all the performers are distributed.