Rino Sashihara “Ariyoshi-san got married !?” “I saw the character for the first time” Surprised by live streaming

On the 2nd, talent Rino Sashihara was surprised to learn about Hiroiki Ariyoshi’s marriage during a live stream titled “[First delivery]Love Bana while eating ice cream” on her YouTube official channel. Rino Sashihara It was the first YouTube live for Sashihara, but about 5 minutes after the start, he learned about Ariyoshi’s marriage, saying, “Wait! Ariyoshi-san got married !? “Now, there are a lot of comments saying’About Ariyoshi’, and I didn’t mention it because I didn’t like it if it was a lie in terms of net literacy, but there are too many, so check it out now,” he explained how he learned from the comment section. Ariyoshi posted a handwritten report on Twitter, saying, “I saw Ariyoshi-san’s character for the first time! Ariyoshi-san writes this character … eh? Is this Ariyoshi-san’s character?” It’s not the case! Ariyoshi-san got married! ” Some people said, “I thought I knew it,” but denied that “I don’t know, I don’t know.” After being surprised again, “It’s not dangerous !?”, he asks for sympathy about the character, saying “Ariyoshi-san’s character, you saw it for the first time, everyone”. In response to the request to “call”, “I don’t know the contact information” is returned, but when “I can make a video call from Instagram!” If you contact me, “he said. In addition, the video title was changed to “[First live]I learned about the marriage of a big senior during live distribution!”.