Some failures such as Microsoft’s cloud service–recovering

Many users have reported that many of Microsoft’s services running on “Microsoft Azure” are not available from the evening of April 1st.The company is on Twitter@AzureSupportWith account@ MSFT365StatusHe tweeted that both accounts were aware of the problem and asked many users to visit the Azure Status page, but as of 5:45 EST, the page was inaccessible. It was.

Provided by: ZDNet, Inc. Multiple users reported that they could not access the “Azure Portal”, Azure services, “Dynamics 365”, and many other services. There were also reports that was down. My “Exchange” email is working fine at the time of this writing, but it may be because the company hasn’t completed the migration of Exchange to Azure. At the top of the Azure Status page, it was temporarily displayed that “We are investigating an issue that is occurring and will update this page as soon as more details become available” (screen copy of the page). Shared on TwitterDaniel Fajardo ValentiThank you). As of 6 pm EST, Twitter’s Microsoft 365 Status (@ MSFT365Status) account tweeted, “We are investigating potential DNS issues and evaluating mitigation measures.” Was. At 6:30 pm EST, the Azure status page was visible (to me). Seems like a global obstacle.
The Microsoft 365 Status account then said, “The underlying DNS failure has been mitigated.”TweetHowever, we are urging you to check the details such as “Microsoft 365 Service health status”.Azure SupportThe account said, “We have confirmed that the issues affecting’Azure Services’ have been mitigated,” and urged us to check the “Azure Status History” page for details. .. On the Azure Status History page, users are on Azure, Dynamics, and Xbox Live from 21:30 to 22:30 on April 1, 2021 Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). You may have faced intermittent issues with access to Microsoft services such as. ” He says he is continuing to investigate the problem that caused the DNS failure and is investigating the root cause.