The appearance of becoming a panda⁈ “Rocco’s” plush toy is a prize

Content studio CHOCOLATE Inc. announces “Rocco’s Various Plush Toys 1.”, which is a new product of the character “Rocco’s” by the planner Takada Bea, and will be developed as a prize for prize games by FuRyu on Thursday, April 1st. did.

The character “Racco’s” by Takada Bea, the creator of the popular LINE stamp character “Ketakuma”. Curious and cheerful sea otters have played more than 26 million animations on SNS, and are supported by overseas fans.

A stuffed animal of about 16 cm appears in the prize, with all three types of “Rocco’s” dancing, dressed as a panda, and dressed in Chinese fashion!

This prize, in which you can enjoy “Rocco’s” wearing various poses and fashions, will be available at amusement facilities nationwide from early April.

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