Anon Sakurada enthusiastically looks at another dimension of G-cup body

Gravure idol Anon Sakurada released the latest image DVD “Cherry” (on sale 4,180 yen including tax, sold by Line Communications) on the 10th. Aine Sakurada, a gravure idol who released the DVD “Cherry”, is often called the next break inevitable. A gravure idol with a body that doesn’t exist. Her fourth DVD in total shows off her proud style while dressing as Madonna in her class. For Sakurada, who is now 19 years old, the setting of a high school girl is perfect. You will be healed by the dazzling smile of a teenager. On the contrary, when wearing underwear or a swimsuit, a fresh uneven body is exposed. The unevenness of the waistline that is cramped on the bust of the G cup is on a level comparable to that of the top gravure. The overwhelming style can be enjoyed everywhere, but you can also see a moist look in the bathroom and daytime bed. An event commemorating the release of the DVD will be held on April 11th at Sofmap AKIBA PC Digital Building 8F (14: 00-) in Akihabara, Tokyo (may be canceled or postponed).