“Cloud is not as flexible as management thinks” Think about the key points of cloud strategy

According to the latest report, the key to a successful cloud platform is to strike the right balance between taking advantage of the new features of the cloud and not being distracted by the glitter. IT professionals also need to regularly review their cloud plans to keep their strategies from getting stuck or out of date. This is 800 people in the latest report “Cloud Report: What Businesses Need for Resilience in 2021 and Beyond” by IT consulting firm SPR. It was revealed by conducting a survey of IT personnel in the cloud. Kevin McMahon, executive director of cloud enablement at SPR, said keeping up with the dynamics that are characteristic of cloud platforms is one of the most difficult challenges for clients. “Currently, these platforms are constantly changing, whether you want them or not,” he said. “What can we do with current technology and what we need to manage it in the future?” You have to figure out what it is. ” The 10 main findings of the report are: (You can read more at Tech Republic Japan)