“Genius vs. Horde” “Mountain God” Daichi Kamino, Yoshimotozaka46 elite 15 people and mountain climbing relay confrontation

Daichi Kamino and Yoshimoto entertainer who played an active part in Hakone Ekiden in “Genius vs. Horde-How many people can be defeated by one person?” (14: 00-14: 54) broadcast on TBS Saturday ☆ break frame on the 3rd. Fifteen people will have a mountain climbing relay showdown. “Mountain god” Daichi Kamino and 15 Yoshimoto entertainers confront a mountain climbing relay In this program, where comedian KAMAITACHI and Haraichi act as MCs, a genius “1 person” of each genre confronts a large number of “hordes”. The genius decides the number of people in the horde, and if he wins brilliantly, he can get a prize of 10,000 yen for the number of people, but if he loses, the prize will be zero. It will be a high-risk, high-return showdown. The geniuses on the show are usually one-on-one or individual competition specialists. This time we will hold three confrontations. Round 3 is “One mountain god, Daichi Kamino vs. 15 Yoshimoto entertainers.” Daichi Kamino, the “god of the mountains” who made an outstanding performance in the “mountain climbing section” of Hakone Ekiden in 2015 and 2016, declared a match with 15 Yoshimoto entertainers. Compete in a mountain climbing relay that runs up a super steep slope with a total length of 3 km at a stretch. The horde of opponents … selected 15 elite people from Yoshimotozaka46 and ran 3 kilometers. It seemed that the Yoshimotozaka member, who connects a short distance with 15 people over a total length of 3 km, was dominant, but from the middle stage, the genius Kamino showed a marvelous catch-up play. Meanwhile, the two of KAMAITACHI who watch over the battle notice that there is an elite member of Yoshimotozaka46 who is making a baton touch. Haraichi, who was informed of the contents, cannot hide his surprise. What is the real person of Yoshimotozaka46 elite members who were surprised by KAMAITACHI !? And how is the victory or defeat of the mountain climbing relay !? Currently, the spot video of the program is being released on the TBS official YouTube channel “YouTuboo”. You can get a glimpse of the battle between the three geniuses and their respective hordes, and the reactions of the four MCs watching over those battles. (C) TBS