Story of people who do not want to go to work tomorrow Part 2 [本怖] I’m a good girl …

A new life from April that finally started. I’m sure that various people have started a new life, such as new graduates who have taken the first step as a member of society and those who have changed jobs and started working in a new workplace.
“” I’m scared of work “”

…… Maybe some people will experience such a thing?

Therefore, episodes are excerpted from the actual experiences of Mynavi News questionnaire members. I asked Mr. Sugawara, a manga artist and illustrator who writes the popular serialized manga “Monster OL Urumi”, to make an illustration. Let’s prepare for the future work life by referring to the real experiences of working people.


“I’m a good boy …” While working as a member of society, there are days when I have to convey things that are difficult to convey. In such a case, it may be better to finish it as soon as possible without putting it off. Next time, an episode that a male member of society experienced in a certain project.

Manga artist & illustrator. Debuted in “Weekly Young Jump”. After that, manga was serialized in true story 4-frame magazines and news sites. The author of the Aori-based LINE stamp “Mr. Looking from above” series.

Twitter:@sugawaraken Click here for a list of articles by this author Survey period: April 22, 2020
Survey target: Mynavi News members
Number of surveys: 504
Survey method: Internet login questionnaire