What did Remi Hirano, who lost her beloved husband, say from Juri Ueno? “If you say,’I don’t like it because I can’t get memories’ …”

TOKYO FM “Dear Friends of Miu Sakamoto” delivered by artist Miu Sakamoto. Remi Hirano, a culinary enthusiast and chanson singer, will appear on the broadcast on Wednesday, March 24th. Mr. Hirano, who published the essay collection “Family Taste” (Poplar) on Tuesday, March 9, has memories with his husband, Makoto Wada, who died in 2019, and his son, Sho Wada (TRICERATOPS). , He talked about an episode with his wife, Juri Ueno.

Remi Hirano

◆ At a meal with Sho Wada and Juri Ueno …

Sakamoto: Mr. Remi has a strong inquisitive mind.

Hirano: That’s right! You’re in trouble if you eat delicious food at a restaurant. For example, I tried various things like garlic soy sauce, wondering “what’s in it?” When Mr. Wada came back, he said, “Is this okay?” “No, it’s a little different.” But at last, delicious garlic soy sauce was made. It’s fun and fun.

Sakamoto: Mr. Wada was just as curious.

Hirano: Mr. Wada also loved eating. Miu-chan, take good care of your husband. (Mr. Wada) has disappeared from the world as if it were smoke. I love it so much, I love it, and no one loves it anymore. I’m dying for this anymore, I want to meet, I want to meet, and I’m becoming more and more fond of it.

It’s painful not to meet. I used to ride on Mr. Wada’s palm and do whatever I wanted, but now that I’ve lost that palm, I feel like I’m finally going to be a full-fledged person. This is my true life. It’s an opportunity to grow up.

Sakamoto: Has the rice you eat at home changed?

Hirano: Yeah … I’m eating rice properly. When you can make it delicious, say “Yes, Mr. Wada, too” and bring it to the mouth of the photo. Kishin Shinoyama took a good photo, so I said to the photo, “Dad also eat.” Then, it seems that I’m laughing with no heart.

Sakamoto: That’s right. You can hear the voice.

Hirano: That’s right! Tea is brewed every day and I have never missed it.

Sakamoto: You’ve always felt lost.

Hirano: I think it’s easier to give up, but I wonder if I can’t give up. I wish I had a medicine to give up. When will these feelings clear up? But when I said to an acquaintance, “I can’t help being lonely. I don’t like it because I can’t remember it. I’m sad.”

It happened that night, my (Wada) singing and (Singing wife) Juri Ueno called me for a meal, so when I said, “I don’t want to get memories,” ( Juri-chan) said, “Look, Sho-san and Remi-san, put your hands out and shake hands!” And shook hands.

My son’s hand, which looks like a small maple (when I was young), has become a solid hand. My son squeezed my hand with a solid hand. At that time, I was so happy when I thought, “There was something I could grab! Half of it, Mr. Wada!”


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