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About Colt Data Center Services

Colt Data Center Services (DCS) is a leading carrier neutral data center operator. We are trusted by our customers to provide unparalleled Hyperscale and Colocation solutions to our global customer base. We have been designing, building and operating large scale data centers for more than 25+ years across our portfolio of 26 carrier-neutral data centers across Europe and Asia.

Colt DCS was launched in Japan in 1999 and opened its first data center in Tokyo in 2002. Along with the Tokyo Data Center (Shiohama), Colt DCS now operates three high-quality hyperscale data centers on its Inzai campus, supporting Cloud Service Providers and multinational businesses. Colt DCS is also in the process of building a fourth hyperscale data center in Osaka and continues to expand its presence in Japan.

Colt DCS Graduate Program

We are offering a 2 year programme that commences in April 2021.

As part of our program, graduates will complete a series of rotations across a number of departments. These will be in the Operations, Design, Customer Solutions, and Project Management departments. Rotating between these departments will ensure you develop a wide and comprehensive understanding of the business, from operational processes and procedures to the more commercial and strategic objectives of our organization.

The program will also include a visit to the UK to spend time at one of our European Data Centers, meet key members of the DCS leadership team and to present back key learnings and recommendations from the program.

We will also support your development by providing soft skills training in areas such as communications and collaboration, problem solving and leadership, and will provide English language training where needed.


Operations are responsible for keeping the’lights on’, ensuring our services are available 24/7, 365 days for our customers across the globe. The team’s primary focus is on the maintenance and repair of all services to the data centers themselves such as power Data Centers are by their very nature power hungry buildings, some consuming the equivalent power of a small city in its entire.

The Design Department is responsible for the technical specification, creation and implementation of our Data Centers; and the area is split between New Build & Expansion and Lifecycle.

The Design in New Build and Expansion is at the cutting edge of data center design. In this department we develop large hyperscale data centers for some of our largest customers. Design is a fascinating area and involves taking an initial business concept through to final “fit” out ”. A typical data center customer space might be many hundreds of square metres and operate at many Megawatts of power. To make this all work we cover a number of specialisms such as cooling, electrical knowledge and computer aided design.

One of the key tasks for anyone in the Lifecycle department is to keep everything up to date and ensure we are adhering to various industry standards that we should be designing and building to. We work closely alongside our colleagues in Operations to replace, renew and refresh This might range from the changing-out of a single mechanical system like a cooling unit, through to the replacement of an uninterruptible power supply system that powers a complete data hall.

The Customer Solutions team plays a key role in the acquisition of new business by supporting the Global sales team in securing new and retaining existing customers. They consult with prospective customers and have expert knowledge and experience of electrical and mechanical infrastructure and will support customer installations, transitions and migrations. The team support every potential customer, from a single rack, right the way up to the delivery of a large scale data center space (Hyperscale), whether it’s supporting capacity planning dilemmas, providing Technical tours of facilities, guidance on cooling considerations, security requirements or training internal and external sales teams.

The Project Management Team is there to deliver all the allocated projects in a professional manner, within the agreed scope, timescales and budget and in line with the requirements of the business to achieve 100% satisfaction on completion. This includes management of the on site day to day safety and quality which is of paramount importance for all our projects.

The Project Management Team are responsible for the construction / project / program management of various construction and infrastructure related projects that are undertaken across Colt’s pan-European and APAC estate. construction & project management. The people within the team are a value-add to our customers, colleagues within DCS and the wider Colt organisation, known for their responsive, creative support and’can do’ attitude.

DCS Values

Our four values ​​underpin who we are as an organization:

  • Agility of a start-up –The ability to move fast & adapt quickly to changing circumstances. Curiosity, courage & flexibility to challenge, adapt & improve. Continually making things simpler, quicker, better, leaner.
  • Collaborate to perform –Collaborating across many different teams & geographies to create value for DCS & its customers. Constructive, not conflicting. Clear respect for colleagues. Sharing wider knowledge & expertise.
  • Step up to Challenges –A relentless focus on execution, excellence & consistently raising the bar. Challenging complacency & being best in class. Stepping up to take real ownership for delivery & identifying ways to’move the needle’ on a bigger scale.
  • Value Creation –Creating value for customers & shareholders through deep engagement & real understanding of their strategies & needs. Taking a broad view of business, customer & market dynamics. Consistently thinking’shareholder value’ to drive Colt DCS’s commercial performance.

Linked to our values, should be an eagerness to learn, develop and grow.

Who should apply?

We are looking for Mechanical and Electrical Engineers who have the potential to develop into future leaders as part of our significant growth plans – we are interested in talking to graduates who have a passion for Engineering as well a genuine aspiration to progress a leadership career. programme will be based out of our Tokyo, Chiba and Osaka sites.

In addition we are looking for:-
Strong communication

Critical thinking
Presentation, written and analytical skills
Ability to manage stakeholders
Ability to work under pressure
Strong social skills


・ Starting salary

333,334 yen per month (annual income 4 million yen. Includes 70,534 overtime allowance for 45 hours per month). Excess hours paid separately.

・ Trial period

3 months after joining the company.

・ Salary increase

Once a year.

・ Bonus

Once a year 10% of annual income.

・ Work location

Tokyo (Roppongi and Shiohama / Kiba), Chiba (Inzai), and Osaka.

・ Benefits

Various social insurance, commuting expenses (a flat allowance, up to 50,000 yen / month).

With retirement benefits.

Separate pay for excess hours.

・ Holidays and vacations

You will be entitled to the usual public holidays in Japan.

21 days paid annual leave in the first year.

7 days sick leave.

・ Hours of Work

9:00 – 17:00

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