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Hulu Official Site In this article, I want to watch the video of “Tonbi (TBS version)” for free right now. I want to see “Tonbi (TBS version)” for the first time in a while. For those of you who want to know if you can watch the video for free using the video distribution service you are using, we will tell you how to watch the video of “Tonbi (TBS version)” for free now. Conclusion: Hulu is recommended for free viewing of “Tonbi (TBS version)” videos! From the conclusion,If you want to watch the “Tonbi (TBS version)” video, we recommend watching it for free on Hulu’s[2-week free trial service].

List of video distribution services where you can watch this work for free

Delivery service name
Video distribution status
Free period etc.

Unlimited viewing

Free for 14 days 1,026 yen / month No points

Unlimited viewing

Free for 31 days ¥ 2,189 / month 600P

Unlimited viewing

Free for 14 days ¥ 1,017 / month No points

Unlimited viewing

Free for 31 days 550 yen / month No points


Free for 30 days ¥ 2,659 / month 1,100P

No delivery

Free for 14 days 960 yen / month No points

Amazon Prime Video
No delivery

Free for 30 days 500 yen / month No points

Crank in!video
No delivery

Free for 14 days 1,650 yen / month 3000P grant
No delivery

Free for 30 days 1,958 yen / month 1,600P grant

No delivery

No free period 990 yen / month No points * The information in the table is as of April 2021. Please check each video distribution service for details. As you can see from the table above“Tonbi (TBS version)” videos are available for unlimited viewing on Hulu, U-NEXT, Paravi, and dTV.

As I said in the conclusion,If you are new to Hulu, you can get a[2-week free trial service]Therefore, you can watch the video of “Tonbi (TBS version)” for free now. Hulu has the following services.

Free period
2 weeks

Monthly fee
1,026 yen (tax included)

Cancellation during the free period

Only compatible works are possible

Multi-device registration
Multiple possible

Video genre
Dramas, movies, anime, variety shows, etc.

Unlimited viewing videos
Over 70,000 works

If you cancel during the free period, you can watch “Tonbi (TBS version)” videos for free without being charged. If you want to watch the “Tonbi (TBS version)” video for free right now, please consider using Hulu.

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Hulu Official Website Maybe you thought that U-NEXT and dTV would be better than Hulu because of the longer free trial period. Certainly, U-NEXT and dTV are more profitable because the free trial period is longer. However, Hulu has more advantages than a short free trial period. I will tell you the specific contents from here. Four benefits of watching “Tonbi (TBS version)” videos for free on Hulu Watching “Tonbi (TBS version)” videos for free on Hulu also has the following four benefits. Unlimited viewing of masterpiece drama videos broadcast on NTV Unlimited viewing of the latest dramas and varieties being broadcast on NTV Unlimited viewing of anime, overseas dramas, and movies The advantage of being able to watch videos offline with the download function There are, so I will explain in detail.

You can watch all-you-can-watch videos of masterpiece dramas that were broadcast on NTV.

The biggest feature of Hulu is that you can watch all-you-can-watch videos of masterpiece dramas that were broadcast on NTV.

Introducing some of the works that are distributed as unlimited viewing videos, Meteor Wagon Emperor’s Cookbook Flying Public Relations Office S-The Last Policeman-Roosevelt Game Q10 The videos of these famous drama works are Hulu Are lined up in. In addition, many masterpiece dramas of the 90’s are also distributed. Watch these videos on Hulu and enjoy them by reminiscing about the time they aired and rediscovering the goodness of old classic dramas.

Unlimited viewing of the latest dramas and varieties being broadcast on NTV

Hulu is also actively overlooking and delivering the latest dramas and variety shows being broadcast on NTV.

You can watch the latest dramas immediately after the end of the broadcast, and you can watch a variety of programs for up to one year in the past.

Why don’t you try watching again on Hulu, such as works that you abandoned watching in the middle, or late-night variety shows whose viewing habits have been cut off due to changes in the environment and life.

Unlimited viewing of anime, overseas dramas, and movies

In addition to NTV dramas and variety shows, Hulu has unlimited viewing of anime, overseas dramas, and Japanese and Western movies. If you pay the viewing fee of 1,026 yen (tax included) for Hulu, you can watch all the works except the works distributed in the Hulu store. There are more than 70,000 unlimited viewing works,The ever-popular “Kimetsu no Yaiba” and the anime “Anpanman” for young children are also being

You can watch videos offline with the download function

If you save it on each device using Hulu’s pre-download function, you can immediately play the “Tonbi (TBS version)” video even when you are offline.

If you download the video in advance, you can watch it even on an airplane where radio waves do not reach. It is highly recommended because you can watch it on the go without worrying about the amount of traffic on your smartphone.

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Hulu official website Hulu registration / cancellation procedure

[Hulu registration procedure]
[Hulu cancellation procedure]

Access the official Hulu website Tap “Try for free” on the upper right Fill in the required items Create an account Select a payment method Agree to the terms of use Registration completed Start playing the video you want to watch Log in to Hulu Tap “Owner profile” on the upper right ” Tap “Account” Tap “Cancel” “Continue cancellation” → “Apply” Cancellation completed

Precautions for cancellation during Hulu’s free trial period

If you cancel during the free trial period of Hulu and register again, the free trial period will not continue.
If you cancel by mistake, you will not receive support and the free trial period will not be extended. I will tell you two measures if you are worried about the cancellation date and time. The first is to set up a notification to yourself of “cancellation” using the remind function of your smartphone from 20:00 to 23:00, 14 days after you registered with Hulu. The second is to write it on a piece of paper and keep it in a place where you can see it on a daily basis. With these measures in place, you won’t have to pay Hulu’s renewal fee, which starts on the 15th day.

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Hulu official website “Tonbi (TBS version)” synopsis, cast, rebroadcast information

Title of work
Tonbi (TBS version)


Broadcast year

Theme song (ED)
Masaharu Fukuyama “A pure white lily on your birthday”

Official site
Tonbi (TBS version) | Official website

Official Twitter
Tonbi (TBS version) | Official Twitter

Tonbi (TBS version) | Wikipedia

Kiyoshi Shigematsu “Kite”

Yoshiko Morishita

Yasuo Ichikawa: Seiyo Uchino / Asahi Ichikawa: Takeru Sato / Yumi Sakamoto: Kazue Fukiishi / Asahi Ichikawa (3 years old): Yomu Igarashi / Asahi Ichikawa (6 years old): Maki Arakawa / Asahi Ichikawa (11 years old): Nayuta Fukuzaki and others / Misako Ichikawa: Takako Tokiwa / Teruun: Hironobu Nomura / Yukie: Takako Kato / Tetsuya Kuzuhara: Takuma Otoo / President Bito: Bengal / Taeko: Yumi Asou / Kaiun: Akira Katamoto

Synopsis of “Tonbi (TBS version)”

Yasuo Ichikawa, commonly known as Yasu, is an invincible “stupid” man. Not to mention having no educational background, he is a clumsy and stupid person who can easily get his hands on it. But he was different from a normal idiot. It was also a terrible “parent idiot”. Yasu, who grew up without parents, had a happy life watching the growth of his son, Akira, with his wife and lovingly, even though he didn’t know what he was a “parent”. At the age of three, a tragedy suddenly strikes. I lost my wife in an accident. Yasu who makes me regret and sadness. Still, Yasu recovers to raise his beloved son, makes full use of his wisdom, is worried, confused, and is helped by his friends, and grows Akira straight, albeit clumsy. This story is just that, a helpless man loved his son helplessly. But … I’m sure you’ll laugh and weep when you see him just love and just go straight.Source: From “Tonbi (TBS version)”

【Episode 1】

1998 (Heisei 10). Akira (Takeru Sato), who works at the publisher Tokuda Bookstore, does not succeed in presenting the appendix of the elementary school grade magazine. When I talked to the editor in charge of the appendix of the next grade magazine, I heard that my parents asked me for a hint. Akira asks for a hint at the photo of his father, Yasu (Seiyo Uchino) on the desk, but of course there is no response from that photo. When I suddenly moved my eyes out of the window, two tonbi (TBS version) were flying with me. The time goes back to the late summer of 1972. Yasu, a truck driver, was about to have a baby, so he worked hard while singing songs in a good mood, and his favorite sake and gambling were gone. Even so, when the work was over, it was Yasu’s daily routine to go to the izakaya Yunagi, which was run by Taeko (Yumi Asou), who was like her sister. I lost my mother when I was young, and now I have a wife I love, and I am shy about having a baby, so I decided to take a breath before going home. He showed his face. However, being teased by his childhood friend Teruun (Hironobu Nomura) and others, the impatient Yasu leaves the store frustrated. When Yasu, who arrived in front of the apartment, cleared his throat and climbed the stairs to shake off his tension, his wife, Misako (Takako Tokiwa), who noticed that Yasu had returned by sound, opened the door of the house. Inside the house, a lot of side dishes are lined up on the chabudai. Misako, who looks happy at Yasu who eats vigorously, also lost her parents when she was young and was raised in a relative’s house, so she couldn’t eat satisfactorily. I was dreaming of doing it. A few days later, the two head to the Yakushiin, where Yasu’s mother’s grave is located. For Misako who worships properly, Yasu just smokes on the outskirts of the graveyard. Teruun’s father, Osho Kaiun (Akira Emoto) of Yakushiin, came to Yasu and said, “God may be forgotten because many people pray. The last thing I can count on is my relatives. I worshiped in a hurry when I was told. On the way back, Yasu carries Misako, who has become stuck on the stairs due to labor pains, to the obstetrics and gynecology department. The name of the child born is named Akira Kobayashi. Yasu and Misako, who grew up without knowing their parents from an early age, were desperately raising their beloved son, Akira, and biting into their happy days. Such a warm year has passed for three years-when Akira was three years old, when Yasu was working alone at work on a holiday, he took Akira who said “I want to see the company of Otoshan”. Misako is coming. That morning, the three of them had a fight for a trivial matter, but they had a big dream, “Let’s go around Japan by truck together.” Then, Yasu returned to work again, but when Akira realized that he had forgotten the towel and rushed to Yasu to deliver it, the towel was caught in the wooden box that was unstable on the platform. The cargo collapses on Akira. Misako, who covered Akira in a hurry, became the underlay of a wooden box.Source: Watch the video for free on the official distribution from episode 1 of “Tonbi (TBS version)”

[Episode 2]

When Taeko (Yumi Asou) picked up Akira (Maki Arakawa) who went to a nursery school at the age of 6, she saw her mother coming to pick up the children around her, and she looked lonely. .. Akira and Yasu (Seiyo Uchino), who feel lonely because they don’t have a mother, go to the public bath together, and the auntie (Kazuyo Aoki) in the band recommends “Make a mother for Akira”. Are you kidnapped now! ” Akira, who took a bath, tells Yasu, “I’m going to draw a picture of my family at the nursery school, so I’d like you to lend me a picture of my mother.” On the way back, Akira saw a child walking hand in hand with his parents, and gently put his unhanded hand in his pocket. The next day, Akira, who was drawing a picture while looking at a picture of Misako (Takako Tokiwa) at a nursery school, was anxious and quarreled with a boy when the children around her looked around the picture. The quarrel can be stopped by the teachers, but they are filled with loneliness and anxiety, and Misako’s photo is torn apart. From this incident, Akira began to bed-wetting, and Yasu, who wondered if he wanted a mother, decided to make a match.Source: Watch the video for free on the official distribution from episode 2 of “Tonbi (TBS version)”

[Episode 3]

May when Akira (Nayuta Fukuzaki and others) is 11 years old. Yasu (Seiyo Uchino), who drinks alcohol in the evening, is ridiculed by Taeko (Yumi Asou) and others to play catch like a father, but refuses. Meanwhile, Akira’s elementary school is supposed to form a selection team and play a baseball game with another school from the company’s junior Kuzuhara (Takuma Otoo), and Akira is deprived of the ace position by the transfer student. Hearing that it has been done, I try to go out to practice, but Akira is nowhere to be seen. While Yasu was desperately searching, Akira was practicing with Teruun (Hironobu Nomura), who was a baseball club in high school. Yasu, who saw the two practicing like a parent and child, reported that Akira had improved happily, but he could only reply unfriendly.Source: Watch the video for free on the official distribution from episode 3 of “Tonbi (TBS version)”

[Episode 4]

Yasu (Seiyo Uchino) asked 11-year-old Akira (Nayuta Fukuzaki and others) about the truth of the accident of her mother Misako (Takako Tokiwa) from Teruun (Hironobu Nomura) and the president (Bengal) without telling herself. I couldn’t hide my surprise when I knew it was. On the other hand, I hear a rumor that Taeko (Yumi Asou) was told by a man that she wanted her to meet her daughter. Yasu, who did not know that Taeko had a daughter, visited Yunagi to hear the fact, but on the contrary, he was told that it was better to tell Akira the truth of the accident, and if he could not tell the truth, he said. You will be worried. At that time, Taeko’s ex-husband Hajime (Takashi Kobayashi) and daughter Yasuko (Eri Tokunaga) visited Yasu and asked him to cooperate so that he could meet Taeko.Source: Watch the video for free on the official distribution from episode 4 of “Tonbi (TBS version)”

[Episode 5]

1989. Yasu (Seiyo Uchino) goes to the hospital almost every day to visit Kaiun (Akira Emoto) who is hospitalized, while Akira (Takeru Sato) refrains from the test to decide regular in the high school baseball club, and once faces I couldn’t put it out. One day, Yasu is asked by Teruun (Hironobu Nomura) to come to see Akira consciously because Kaiun is actually cancerous and has a short way to go. Yasu asks him to visit him, but Akira refuses, saying, “Because baseball practice is important now.” Yasu gets angry at Akira’s one-sided attitude. When Yasu, who was worried, visited the baseball club practice to take Akira to visit him, he happened to witness Akira hitting the ass of his junior Yamamoto (Yuhei Ochida) with a bat. Yasu rushes to stop and argues with Akira and hits Akira unintentionally.Source: Watch the video for free on the official distribution from episode 5 of “Tonbi (TBS version)”

[Episode 6]

1990, winter. Yasu (Seiyo Uchino) is told by Akira (Takeru Sato) that he wants to take an examination at a local national university that he can attend from home, and wants to take an examination at Waseda University in Tokyo. At first, Akira was delighted to receive Waseda and was proud of Taeko (Yumi Asou), Teruun (Hironobu Nomura), and the president (Bengal). When I heard Kuzuhara (Takuma Otoo)’s words, I was shocked. And one night, Yasu, who had a quarrel with Akira for a trivial matter, said, “If you want to go, go to Tokyo without permission!” The next morning, Akira wasn’t in the house.Source: Watch the video for free on the official distribution from episode 6 of “Tonbi (TBS version)”

[Episode 7]

1992. Yasu (Seiyo Uchino) was first told by phone from Akira (Takeru Sato), who lives in Tokyo, that he was working part-time in the editorial department of a magazine and would like to become a magazine editor in the future. Yasu, who thought that Akira, who is studying law in the Faculty of Law, would become a lawyer, hangs up in a rage if he does not allow him to become an editor. Yasu, whose anger does not subside, receives a phone call from the editorial department where Akira works to apologize for injuring Akira during work. Although worried about Akira, Teruun (Hironobu Nomura) will visit Tokyo to see Akira instead of Yasu who hesitates to go to Tokyo.Source: Watch the video for free on the official distribution from episode 7 of “Tonbi (TBS version)”

[Episode 8]

1996. Yasu (Seiyo Uchino) was suddenly called by Shimano (Kenji Uchikura), who claims to be the son of Yasu’s father, and was asked, “Can you come to Tokyo because my father wants to meet and apologize?” To. Yasu, who had been out of touch with his father for nearly 50 years and never thought he was alive, was worried that he would meet again without feeling any emotions, so he consulted with Teruun (Hironobu Nomura) and others, but with Akira (Takeru Sato). I have promised not to go to Tokyo, so I will refuse.At that point, Taeko (Yumi Asou) talked about her childhood and decided to go to Tokyo, and visited Shimano on a truck driven by Kuzuhara (Takuma Otoo). Source: “Tonbi” (TBS version) ”Watch the video for free with official distribution from episode 8

[Episode 9]

1998. Yasu (Seiyo Uchino) is consulted by Akira (Takeru Sato), “I want you to meet me because there are people who want to get married.” Yasu, who hears that the woman is older and is a beautiful woman who graduated from Keio University and brags about people in the town such as Taeko (Yumi Asou) and Teruun (Hironobu Nomura), is sure to be a woman who looks like Misako (Takako Tokiwa). Must be in a good mood. However, on the day of his return home, when he saw Yumi (Kazue Fukiishi) who appeared with Akira, Yasu was in a bad mood because he was older than expected and did not look like Misako. Yumi, who couldn’t stand the situation, not only was seven years older than Akira, but also confessed that she had divorced and had children, and Yasu strongly opposed the marriage. Akira, who has been in a dispute, returns to Tokyo with Yumi.Source: Watch the video for free on the official distribution from episode 9 of “Tonbi (TBS version)”

【The last episode of】

1999 / Winter. Yasu (Seiyo Uchino) tries to help the grandson of Kuzuhara’s daughter-in-law (Mami Hashimoto) who is about to become the underlay of the cargo of the running forklift, and instead becomes the underlay. Kuzuhara’s stunned daughter-in-law, employees desperately dismiss their luggage, and Yasu is taken to the hospital by ambulance. Upon receiving the news of the accident, Akira (Takeru Sato) and Taeko (Yumi Asou) hurry to the hospital where they were transported. The story of father and son, “Tonbi (TBS version)” for 30 years is over.Source: Watch the video for free on the official distribution from the final episode of “Tonbi (TBS version)”

About rebroadcast of “Tonbi (TBS version)”

Dramas broadcast on TV may be rebroadcast after a certain period of time depending on popularity and audience rating. However, now that the video distribution service has been enhanced, it is very unlikely that it will be rebroadcast on TV unless it is very popular. If you really want to watch “Tonbi (TBS version)” on a big screen TV, you can watch it right away using Hulu and an external device. With Hulu, you can watch it without waiting for the rebroadcast of the TV, so please consider using it at this opportunity.

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