C-United Introduces HR / Labor Cloud–Efficient HR / Labor Operations

C-United, which operates 195 stores nationwide, including coffee houses and cafe Veloce, has introduced cloud-based personnel and labor software “SmartHR.” Aim to improve the efficiency of personnel and labor operations. SmartHR provides an “employee survey function” that visualizes and analyzes the state of the organization by digitizing labor procedures such as employment contracts, hiring procedures, and year-end adjustments. It can also be linked with systems such as attendance management and payroll. C-United was founded in 2021 by the merger of Coffee House and CHAT NOIR. The company carried out all employment procedures on paper, and there were omissions and delays in submission. In addition, store employees and headquarters staff are devoting their efforts to confirming the contents of the documents submitted on paper, and the merger of the companies may increase the burden of personnel and labor operations not only at the company but also at the business integration destination. It was. Regarding SmartHR, the company evaluated that it can handle electronic personnel and labor operations, different contracts for each employment type, and that it is easy to handle electronic applications for social insurance and employment insurance that became mandatory in April 2020. .. In the case of cloud services, it is not necessary to purchase an in-house server or software license, so the initial cost can be reduced, which was also a deciding factor for adoption. With the merger of the companies, the company will also carry out personnel and labor operations at the business integration destination, so the workload is expected to increase. With this introduction, it is expected that the computerization and efficiency of personnel and labor operations will progress, leading to a reduction in the burden on not only headquarters staff but also store employees.