Hey! Say! JUMP Keito Okamoto ends group activities “Only gratitude and love”

Keito Okamoto of the idol group Hey! Say! JUMP will end the group activities on the 11th, it was revealed by Johnny’s office on the 5th. Since then, he has been active mainly in the actor business as a talent belonging to the same office. The group made their CD debut on November 14, 2007 with “Ultra Music Power” and is now in its 14th year. Okamoto, the son of Kenichi Okamoto, a member of the former male fighting group, is active as a member who is fluent in English from the experience he learned in England when he was in elementary school. In order to further improve his language skills and learn plays and music, he announced that he would study abroad in the United States in June 2018, and temporarily left the group from September of the same year to the two-year drama school “American Academy of Dramatic Arts.” Enrolled in “Of Dramatic Arts (New York School)”. He graduated in July 2020. On the official website, Johnny & Associates said, “To all the people who have supported us so far, and above all, to all the fans who have been waiting until today, wishing for the resumption of activities with nine people during the study abroad period, it is a hurry. I apologize from the bottom of my heart for being a report, “and said,” As I spent my time studying abroad with people who dreamed of playing an active role in the world, I began to think about my life and the way forward. , I had a strong desire to walk as an “actor”, and I frankly conveyed that feeling to the members. After many discussions, the members had a strong will and pushed back to Okamoto’s new challenge. It was decided to send it out, “explained the circumstances. “We hope that you will continue to support Keito Okamoto and Hey! Say! JUMP,” he concludes. ■ Keito Okamoto Full comment

To all the fans who always support me, Keito Okamoto decided to leave Hey! Say! JUMP and work as an actor individually. For the past two and a half years, I have been studying theater abroad and spending time with people who are heading towards their dreams of being active in the world, and I have more time to think about my life. I had a dream about how to live my life and what I wanted to achieve as a man, and I wanted to work as an actor to make that dream come true. When I conveyed this thought to the members, everyone accepted it, and at the same time, they supported my life in the future and said that I would do my best on different paths! Hey! Say! JUMP really has only gratitude and love. I’m really sorry to all of you who have been looking forward to my return and activities with 9 people until today, and to surprise you for my own selfish reasons. In the future, I will do my best to support my new dreams and new paths. I look forward to working with you. April 5, 2021
Keito Okamoto