Kazureza, “the shortest route to be strong in quizzes” is “feelings of the questioner …”

Kazureza, a comedy combination maple superalloy, released the video “[First-time delivery]Kazureza answers questions and worries” on the official YouTube channel “Kazureza’s 50-point cram school” on the 28th of last month. He talked about his thoughts on how to study the quiz. Kazureza When asked by the viewer, “How should I study the quiz?”, He said, “I don’t need to study the quiz …” If you don’t play a lot of quizzes, it’s hard to get stronger, “said Kazureza, who recommended the quiz game app” Everyone’s Quick Press Quiz. ” In addition, he said that the question is also important, “Understanding the feelings of the questioner, touching and solving many problems, and then going to the questioner again is repeated in the quiz. Isn’t it the shortest route to become stronger? ” On the other hand, he said, “Now there are a lot of tools and games, so even if you just turn to the solving side, you can become stronger to some extent.” “In the past, the number of problems was limited, so if there was no provider, it would only be consumed, and the quiz world was tapering off. Now, there are a lot of people who can provide it, and the net There are a lot of people who give quizzes on Twitter and so on, so I think that you can become stronger just by turning to the side of solving, “he said, saying that the way of studying quizzes has changed with the passage of time. It was.