Microsoft may postpone full reopening of US headquarters office after September 7

Microsoft had previously said it would fully reopen its US office by July 6, but said it would postpone it to September 7.

Provided by: Microsoft Corona Severe has resumed “limited” operations at its Redmond headquarters, which had been nearly closed for the past year, from the week of March 29th. Microsoft also said it had planned to reopen its headquarters office entirely from July 6th that week, but said it would delay it by two months. Kurt Del Bene, executive vice president of the company, who leads the response to the new coronavirus such as hybrid work styles and employee vaccination plans, told employees on April 1 that they will reopen their workplaces in “Stage 6”. Said that he had notified that it would be September 7 at the earliest. In the fall of 2020, the company told employees to postpone the reopening date of offices in the United States from January to July 2021. Then, in late March 2021, the plan to reopen offices that were delayed due to the Corona disaster was further changed, and offices such as the Redmond Campus were “Stage 4” on March 29 (“Soft Open” to reopen in a limited manner). Employees were notified that they would move to. The company announced a revision of its telecommuting policy in the fall of 2020, allowing most employees to work from home for part of their working hours, less than 50% of their total working hours, with manager approval. If so, full-time work from home is also permitted. A few weeks after the announcement, the company’s senior leadership team said in an internal notice that the workplace in the U.S. would be in “Stage 6”, the company’s full resumption, on July 6, 2021. There was.