“Okasan to Issho Family Concert” will resume in May! Ticket application starts

In 2020, it is decided to resume the “Okasan to Issho Family Concert”, which was canceled for all performances. It will be held for 4 days from May 22nd to 25th at the Dream Hall of Fuchu Forest Art Theater in Tokyo. Ticket application acceptance started today at 11:00 on the 5th. “Okasan to Issho Family Concert” resumed The concert will be held by Yuichiro Hanada, the elder brother of the 12th song, Atsuko Ono, the elder sister of the 21st song, Makoto Fukuo, the elder brother of the 12th gymnastics, and the first gymnastics. A stage show for children featuring an older sister, Anzuki Akimoto, and friends from GalaPicoPuu. Akira Hayashi, the older brother of the 6th song, will also appear as a guest in the Fuchu performance. The older brothers and sisters said, “I’m glad to be able to jump out of the studio and meet the children directly on the stage at the concert after a long time. I want to deliver a lot of songs and dances. I’m looking forward to playing with everyone. ! “Message. Akira Hayashi also said, “I’m happy to be able to stand on stage with active older sisters and older sisters and play a number of my favorite songs, and I’m thrilled to think that I can spend a wonderful time with my children. We will deliver it with all our hearts together. ” Tickets are accepted from 11:00 on April 5th to 23:59 on April 11th at the “Ticket Application Site” dedicated to “Okasan to Issho Family Concert”. See the NHK official website for details. (C) NHK