SAP Japan et al. Established a base for implementing multi-generational education programs in Okinawa City

Koza Machishachu and SAP Japan, which are engaged in community development activities in Okinawa City, Okinawa Prefecture, have opened “Hana Warabi”, an educational program implementation base for multiple generations. We have been active since April 3rd. Hana Warabi is established in the first street of Okinawa City, and regularly conducts IT education programs such as PC programming and digital work for children, students, and adults. In addition, companies and students will take the initiative in holding design thinking workshops to solve regional issues and conducting “ERPsim” to learn management through simulation games, and by making it a community space inside and outside the region, the city of Okinawa will be lively. I will go. In addition to supporting the operation of Hana bracken and community building, Koza Machisha will coordinate the programs to be implemented with supporting companies. SAP Japan plans to utilize SAP’s technology and knowledge at Hana Warabi to support the holding of workshops such as programming and design thinking, and to provide ERPsim. Hana bracken not only serves as a base for implementing IT education programs, but also as a hub for increasing the “related population” of new regional human resources. The related population refers to people who are diversely involved with the region and its inhabitants, and is expected to play a leading role in community development as a human resource that creates change.