“Wataki” Fukuko Ishii P, Sugako Hashida Sad to the news “I’m sorry to be so sudden …”

It was discovered on the 5th that screenwriter Sugako Hashida died at her home in Atami City on the 4th due to acute lymphoma. I was 95 years old. Producer Fukuko Ishii, who teamed up with the TBS drama “Wataru Seken wa Ogre,” made a comment and revealed her sad feelings. Sugako Hashida (left) and Fukuko Ishii Producer ■ Fukuko Ishii Producer Comments Full text I have been with Hashida for 60 years. We quarreled, consulted, and dating like a family all year round. If I didn’t call for a day, I was sometimes worried about what happened. I have too many memories to say anything. I’m sorry to say that it’s so steep, and I don’t know what to say. I’m full of thoughts, “Where did you go alone?” Mr. Hashida said that he would like to see the current situation of the corona sickness and write down the shape of the family he felt there. At the same time, he said, “I always thought I was alone, but you guys were there.” I replied, “What are you talking about now?” We were talking to each other to be fine. Now, next to me, there is a laughing ghost looking at me. I can’t think that Mr. Hashida has disappeared from the world yet.